Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Sun…….

W***ers. Arseblog says it best.

In other news I’m going to Austria in a few weeks for our pre-season training camp and a friendly against SC Colombia Foridsdorf (cheers Peter, top man!), some amateur team on the outskirts of Vienna who play at what looks like a training pitch with a bar behind one of the goals (bliss). Will I be giving you exclusive updates? Will I f**k, mobile roaming isn’t cheap!

Monday, 22 June 2009


So, while I was coaching kids hockey on Friday, we made our first signing of the summer as defender Thomas Vermaelen signed from Ajax for a reported £10million.


So, we’ve actually made a signing early doors in the transfer window! Lets hope there’s a DCM following….

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Friday, 19 June 2009

Brace Brace Brace!

Yeah, we’re about to make a signing apparently. Everyone, grab an oxygen mask. Pulling in down will start the supply of O2 to the mask. Parents and Guardians, please ensure you fit your own mask before helping others.

Thomas Vermaelen will have his medical today according to penniless Sultana. He sounds quite excited about it as well:

“On Friday I will fly to London to undergo a medical. Then I hope to sign. I feel so proud. Arsenal is a fantastic club, and as a child I watched them play.

On Friday, if I go to Emirates Stadium I will be seriously impressed, this will be a big change in my life, next year I will suddenly be facing the best strikers in the world. This does not scare me, I will give everything my body has.

This is one of the best days of my life.”

So, he’s as happy as Larry. I don't know who Larry is or why he’s happy, but I suspect its probably drugs. You can probably tell which is Larry’s house as the roof wont have any snow on it when it snows due to the cannabis factory in his loft. I love that “I will give everything my body has” bit too, as I just get images of him all skinny and empty at the end of the game, with his skin just hanging off his skeletal frame.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear about how the story progresses instantly though, remember the Nasri and Arshavin transfers and how long they took? That Arshavin one was on a snow day too, I spent 8 hours clinging onto Sky Sports News’ every word that day, so thank god I’ve got a relatively busy weekend to distract myself from it! So fingers crossed we’ll get this one in the bag and everything will be like Bruce Campbell; Groovy.


The official season review DVD is out soon, don’t all rush to get it…..

Theo assisted James Milner’s goal in England’s 2-0 victory over Spain in the U21 Championships. Check out the video, Theo lights the afterburners at about 2:05 in, toasts his man before threading a perfect pass for Milner to place the ball into the net. Awesome assist, more of that next season please Mr Walcott.

In other news……………erm……………………………………there isn’t any, so I’ll bid you good weekend.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

If you’ve not seen them….

Here’s the fixtures (until Sky f**k about with them)

Sat Aug 15 Everton A
Aug 18/19  UEFA Champions League N Play-off round 1L
Sat Aug 22 Portsmouth H
Aug 25/26  UEFA Champions League Play-off round 2L
Sat Aug 29 Manchester United A

Sat Sep 12 Manchester City A
Sep 15/16  UEFA Champions League Matchday 1
Sat Sep 19 Wigan Athletic H
Wed Sep 23 Carling Cup 3
Sat Sep 26 Fulham A
Sep 29/30  UEFA Champions League Matchday 2

Sat Oct 3 Blackburn Rovers H
Sat Oct 17 Birmingham City H
Oct 20/21  UEFA Champions League Matchday 3
Sat Oct 24 West Ham United A
Wed Oct 28 Carling Cup 4
Sat Oct 31 Tottenham Hotspur H

Nov 3/4  UEFA Champions League Matchday 4
Sat Nov 7 Wolverhampton Wanderers A
Sat Nov 21 Sunderland A
Nov 24/25 UEFA Champions League Matchday 5
Sat Nov 28 Chelsea H

Wed Dec 2 Carling Cup 5
Sat Dec 5 Stoke City H
Dec 8/9  UEFA Champions League Matchday 6
Sat Dec 12 Liverpool A
Tue Dec 15 Burnley A
Sat Dec 19 Hull City H
Sat Dec 26 Aston Villa H

Mon Dec 28 Portsmouth A

Sat Jan 2 F.A . Cup 3
Wed Jan 6 Carling Cup Semi-Final (1)
Sat Jan 9 Everton H
Sat Jan 16 Bolton Wanderers A
Wed Jan 20 Carling Cup Semi-Final (2)
Sat Jan 23 F.A. Cup 4
Wed Jan 27 Aston Villa A
Sat Jan 30 Manchester United H

Sat Feb 6 Chelsea A
Tue Feb 9 Liverpool H
Sat Feb 13 F.A. Cup 5
Feb 16/17/23/24  UEFA Champions League Knockout Round 1L
Sat Feb 20 Sunderland H
Sat Feb 27 Stoke City A
Sun Feb 28 Carling Cup Final

Sat Mar 6 Burnley H (F.A. Cup 6)
Mar 9/10/16/17 UEFA Champions League Knockout Round 2L 
Sat Mar 13 Hull City A
Sat Mar 20 West Ham United H
Sat Mar 27 Birmingham City A
Mar 30/31 UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final 1L

Sat Apr 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers H
Apr 6/7 UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final 2L
Sat Apr 10 Tottenham Hotspur A (F.A. Cup Semi-Final)
Sat Apr 17 Wigan Athletic A
Apr 20/21 UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 1L
Sat Apr 24 Manchester City H
Apr 27/28 UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2L

Sat May 1 Blackburn Rovers A
Sun May 9 Fulham H
Sat May 15 F.A. Cup Final
Sat May 22  UEFA Champions League Final

To be Arranged
Bolton Wanderers H *


So a real tough start to the season, but on the plus side it’s two tough away games put to bed early doors. End of January/early February looks to be the real judgement time for us

Wed Jan 27 Aston Villa A
Sat Jan 30 Manchester United H

Sat Feb 6 Chelsea A
Tue Feb 9 Liverpool H

Ouch! Lets hope we’re there or there abouts by that point. The Liverpool home game concludes our games vs the other ‘Big 4’ sides, which means the run in isn’t too bad. Out games against the scum are:

Sat Oct 31 Tottenham Hotspur H

Sat Apr 10 Tottenham Hotspur A (F.A. Cup Semi-Final)

Other important time is the Christmas period:

Sat Dec 19 Hull City H
Sat Dec 26 Aston Villa H

Mon Dec 28 Portsmouth A

Fingers crossed that’ll be at least 7 points. Might even try for a Pompey away ticket as well.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to work out which games will move about!

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Has anything happened yet?

Yeah, I’ve not posted much. Three reasons:

1) I’ve been on holiday

2) It’s been really busy at work

3) Absolutely f**k all has been happening.

Well, not entirely true. Lukasz Flappyhandski signed a new contract last week, and considering he’s only 24 that’s probably a good thing as he’ll hopefully improve. Plus there’s the will he/wont he RVP contract story, the will he/wont he bit depends which red-top rag you are reading. He’ll sign.

Plus there’s the Cesc thing, which is all utter shite fabricated by los putos, the Spanish press, so this is all the time of day I’m giving it!

The old man has sent me an email copied from Gooner Talk, who claim to have the next season’s fixtures leaked by Sky:

After completing their pre-season campaign, the Gunners’ start off with a tough trip to West Ham at Upton Park, Saturday, August 15, 2009.

Following that game, there are some tricky home ties against newly-promoted Burnley and FA Cup champs Chelsea.

In September, Arsene Wenger’s men travel up north to face Bolton on the 12th, before 4-goal magician Andrey Arshavin returns to Anfield against Liverpool.

They finish the month with a home match versus Manchester City.

They even have a pic taken from SSN seemingly confirming it. If correct it’s not great. Primarily as that’s a bloody tough start to the campaign, plus I’m away the bank holiday weekend and would miss Chavski at home. F**king boo!

One thing that did develop while I was on holiday before petering out like Herpes was the potential move of Ajax centre back (and can also cover left back….bye bye Silvestre!) Thomas Vermaelen. I missed the whole thing, but it’s gone from “it’s a case of when not if” to total silence. So chances are, like herpes, it’ll re-emerge when you least expect and we’ll get our man, but probably only at 23:59 on 31st August as usual!

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me. Got my first nets session at Cricket tonight. Could be highly entertaining, but not for me I predict.



Monday, 1 June 2009

All quiet on some front somewhere…..

I’ve not posted in a while. Two reasons: One, there’s not been a great deal to post about, and two I’ve been super busy at work, and couldn’t be arsed to do a blog once I got home.

So there!

I’m off on holiday in a few days, so you wont get anything then either. So, erm, just talk amongst yourselves for a bit I guess……