Monday, 5 October 2009

A generic headline involving the number six……Sixy?

So, that was a bit of a drubbing wasn’t it!

Beating any team 6-2 is enjoyable, but erasing a team containing c**thammers like Diouf and managed by that fat walrus t**t Allardyce with the style of football we played yesterday is the kind of stuff that requires a change of pants.

The official site is currently showing the highlights for free here, the commentary is awesome!

Negatives, well the defending was questionable at times, we seemed to take the Brazilian approach to defending again, give it a shot but aim to outscore our opposition through sheer number of goals rather than preventing them. The first goal was a bit of a freak header but you’ve got to be disappointed that we succumbed to the long ball so easily, likewise the defending for their second, with both the left and right backs being caught upfield.

Ok, positives! Coming back from two early setbacks to pulverise a side, shows the character and belief in the side at the moment (starting to sound like Wenger now!), great to see. One comment I picked up on Saturday during Gillette Soccer Saturday was, I think from Merson, that we didn’t have another 15-20 goals a season man other than RvP. Well yesterday we had 6 different goalscorers, while 15 different players have gotten on the scoresheet so far this season. Why rely on one man like Liverpool when you can share the goals about! Notably our leading scorer so far this term was on the mark again yesterday, god I love Thomas Vermaelen. To think he’s not just a quality centre back but can strike a ball like he did yesterday is frankly scary. What a purchase.

Theo Walcott also made his first appearance of the season yesterday, and marked it by finishing a great flowing move from left to right with a well placed side-footed strike. Even better news is that he wasn’t included in the England squad for next weekend so will be nice and fresh and hopefully injury free for the visit of Birmingham City in two weeks.

The biggest positive for me was Cesc’s performance. After the Fulham game I stated he was going through a poor run, before looking more like his old self midweek against Olympiacos. Well yesterday we got the whole Cesc. The glorious passes, dictating our forward play and pulling the strings like a midfield maestro. The goal, a sumptuous left-footed volley from the edge of the area, left Robinson (oh how we love scoring against him, although anyone think he looks like an extra from Star Wars in his new kit?) totally stranded. The badge-kissing celebration, which I’m usually dubious about, looked heartfelt, as did the explanation in his post-game interview.















The only pisser is that now he goes on international duty. DAMN YOU INTERNATIONALS, DAMN YOU!!!!

Post game the Walrus was wailing about the penalty that they should have had and it being the turning point of the game. Ok, yes, it was a penalty. Probably wasn’t the red card that the chunky fish-muncher was also asking for. But the thing was if they’d have gotten that, we most likely would have scored seven, we were in that kind of mood, not to mention the penalty we should have also had for a foul later in the second half. So shut it tubby, the reason you lost wasn’t, the debatable penalty, it was the SIX goals against! Take some responsibility rather than try and look for an easy scapegoat!

Anyway, that’s that for two weeks. The w**ky international football is on next week so I’ll update this if anything significant happens…..

‘Till then!

Oh, and we won both our hockey games yesterday, 4-3 and 11-2, and I’m still averaging a point a game with 2 goals and 2 assists for the season. Just made yesterday better!

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