Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ok, I jinxed it…

I knew I spoke too soon! Sky Sports have confirmed that RVP has a groin injury and is returning to Blighty, it was almost too good to be true. Fingers crossed that it’s not too serious and he’s ok for the weekend and the vital period following it.

In other news Hull have submitted their account of “Gobgate” to the FA. Woo! Apparently they “Want the truth to come out.” After hearing 6535416346846 different versions of events from their manager so would we!

Finally Stan “The Man” Kronke has increased his stake in the club, purchasing 5000 shares from Danny Fiszman, giving him a 20.5% shareholding in the club. Fiszman, who now has just over 16% after the sale, insists that he’s not selling any more shares. I suppose that given the fact that Kronke is on the board already the move doesn’t suggest radical change at Arsenal, and keeps shares out of the hands of the Uzbek and in the hands of another friendly director. But its now all eyes on Lady Nina and Jabba.

Busy day today so that's your lot. F**k you International football, f**k you!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy Monday!

Well, that’s a lie, but it’s not an unhappy Monday. The sun is shining, I feel better than yesterday when I spent the day sweating out Desperados beer. Mmmm, tequila beer.

Erm, news from the weekend. Bendtner got injured playing for Denmark, apparently its his knee and he’s returned to the club but no further news. RVP scored for the Dutch against Scotland, a well taken header (I think, was pretty hammered by this point on Saturday!) and isn’t injured, so far…….f**k, I’ve jinxed that now havent I! And 22 people were crushed to death in Kolo and Eboue’s game for the Ivory Coast. Seems to be a case of too many people in a decrepit stadium which has resulted in a tragic waste of life.

In other news Hull’s “evidence” is due at the FA today, I’m hoping that Arsenal have the lawyers on standby should they fail to meet the deadline (again), although the Fa will probably give them another week to grow more witnesses, a-la the Judge Dredd Movie or the baby Raptors in Jurassic Park.

Hull’s evidence reaches Soho Square

Speaking of Cesc he’s announced he’ll make his return on Saturday at home to Citeh, no doubt as a substitute.

I wonder who else will survive international week to join him!

Have a good one.

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Kill me…….

If the International football over yet? Whaddya mean it hasn’t even started yet? Oh, for f**ks sake……

Very little news, the Sun reports that Hull are going to use the case of Doncaster midfielder Richie Wellens, who was charged for spitting at a Swansea player despite no witnesses. Not entirely sure how that works, but it’s the FA so I can believe it. They’ve also changed their story for the 1984369546th time, and apparently ALL the Hull coaching staff now saw Cesc spit on/at/near/above/inside (delete where applicable) Horton, so I’m not sure how they can cite the Wellens case when they ALL saw it!

I f**ked Lucy Pinder alone in my room, no witnesses, so it must be true!

n1213644323_67527_9692 Pinder – Her word against mine!

Saying that though the fact the FA haven’t let it drop/laughed in Hull’s faces probably means that Cesc will end up getting done regardless of any evidence/proof/logic/Pinder and we’ll probably get 80 points deducted for good measure. Not that I have no faith in our Football Association, no siree!

I really wish there was something else to write about rather than this utter farce, but there isn’t, other than Almunia maybe applying for his British passport so he can maybe play for Ingeeeerlund, and Milan maybe making a move for Adebayor in the summer, to the tune of £35mil. I’d rip their hands off if true!

Please Hull, f**k off back down the leagues.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

International breaks = pain

Bored bored bored. Seriously, what’s the point of cheering players that you want to die the majority of the season?

A bit of Arsenal news today. Apparently Adebayor will play “some part” in Togo’s World Cup qualifier vs Cameroon. Suppose it helps with the fitness.

Amaury Bischoff's agent claims a couple of clubs are interested in the midfielder as his contract is up in the summer, so usual agent trying to force the club’s hand, although pretty disrespectful to the Arsenal medical team that have got him back to fitness. Like giving someone a turd as a thank you present. No really, you shouldn’t have!

And OJ Gimpson is flapping his gums again, insisting that “the truth will come out” over Gobgate. Hull missed yesterday’s FA-set deadline to provide evidence and have been given an extension until Monday to fabricate collate it. Apparently this is because Horton and the players that saw the “incident” are away on international duty (not Horton, he was last seen popping into a tanning salon to try to catch up with Gimpson). Now, not being funny, but how many of the Hull players are full internationals? Giovanni and Kilbane are the only ones I can think of, makes witnesses rather limited. And I’ve got to ask the question, why the hell didn’t they get statements from the players in the week before they went away, when the “incident” was fresh in their minds? I still think that if this comes to the conclusion we expect it to then Arsenal and Fabregas should unleash the lawyers on Son of Sam, they’ve got a stronger case against him for libel and defamation that he has over Gobgate.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. Enjoy the rain!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Got my ticket, have you?

Just looking at a picture of it gives me a semi!

Yes, we got lucky! Thanks to my uncle for putting in the work we got our semi final tickets yesterday, so it’s a big knees up on April 18th when hopefully we’ll book a return trip in May.

Arsenal news is thin on the ground, thinner than my old man’s hair. Adebayor has been selected for Togo after 6 weeks out but won’t play apparently. I suppose anything that’ll improve his fitness, like when Eduardo was called up by Croatia before playing for us again, is a good thing. 15 other Gunners have also been called up, I doubt they’ll all return in once piece (f**king international breaks).

Silvestre is now fit and raring to go. Don’t all go getting excited at once.

Villarreal are charging a whopping £72 for a ticket for the CL quarter final first leg at El Madrigal. Good thing there isn’t a credit crunch on. You what? Oh…….

Arseblog linked this too, made me chuckle.

That’s pretty much for today. Christ knows what I’m going to write about between now and next Friday. You might be getting updates on my Chilli plants at this rate. Yeah, you’ve been warned!


Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Back from Norfolk, had a good time but now, super busy at work, so super quick post.

I’m happy with the CL draw, delighted with the 3-1 win at Newcastle and I’m preying to God/Allah and Keith Moon I get a cup semi ticket.

Will update you later this week, it’s not like we’ve got any proper football for a week or so is it!


Good times!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Enough, Phil Brown!

Super short blog today as I’m snowed under.

Phil Brown has metamorphosed from a respectable up-and-coming manager into an uber-c**t with verbal diarrhea. Arseblog covers his unstoppable attempt to destroy his reputation, and I hope, his career. Like I said yesterday spitting is the lowest of the low and if Cesc is guilty then they should throw the book. Thing is the more the Son of Sam talks (and that’s a lot at the moment) the more he changes his account of proceedings, from being told by his assistant that it happened on the pitch, to seeing it with his very own eyes in the tunnel. And the more he changes his account the more it seems the story is fabricated, the fantasy of a sore loser, and isn’t helped by his other claims, such as the “Arsene never shakes my hand” (blown out of the water by Arseblog and other blogs) to the ludicrous “I had issues with Fabregas’s clothes”. If it is proved that he’s telling porkies then I hope that not only the FA take severe actions, but also Arsenal and Fabregas on grounds of libel.

It’s a big hole that OJ Gimpson has dug himself, and he keeps making it deeper.

Ok, I’m away as of tomorrow morning, long weekend away exploring the Norfolk Broads, so won’t be blogging till Tuesday, although it’s not like anyone will notice!

So for Newcastle, I haven’t seen any injury news following the Hull game, so expect a similar squad, hopefully boosted by a returning Eduardo. Fingers crossed we play more like the second half from Tuesday than the first!

Oh, one final thing, well done to Steve Bould’s Young Guns following their own come-from-behind win last night in the FA Youth Cup semi first leg. Two goals in the last 20 minutes saw them beat Manchester City 2-1. Well done lads!

Right, enjoy the sun, speak next week, Allez Arsenal!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Never doing it the easy way

So, we’re off to Wembley after a night I expect we’ll hear about for a little while yet.

After a piss poor start which saw Nick Barnby, a man old enough to be my Dad, put Hull in the lead via a massive deflection of Djourou, while the goal was fortuitous the defending to allow the shot was unforgivable. We really took our time to get going and there was no urgency for the first 30 minutes, it was pretty damn poor.

Hull, to their credit, really put us under the cosh for the first 20 minutes, Manucho causing us all kinds of problems.

And then it started. Once Hull had their lead every goal kick and throw in suddenly took the best part of a minute while Phil Brown laughed it off.

Before last night I respected Brown, a good English manager whose teams played good football. But the Walrus factor was evident last night by the bucketload. But more of that in a bit.

From the half hour mark we began to turn the screw but without really troubling Myhill, Arshavin came closest with a stunning volley that fizzed past the post.

Into the second half and we started to really threaten, RVP, who I thought had a poor game last night, went close with a couple of free kicks, both well saved by Myhill, we had an effort cleared off the line before Song put the rebound wide, and RVP hit the bar with a header. Eventually the breakthrough came when a slick passing move ended up with RVP putting the ball into the roof of the net. From then on there was only going to be one winner.

At this point I had to go out, so I only had crappy medium wave radio to tell me what was going on. But with 7 minutes to go, a Nasri freekick caused havoc in the Hull box, Myhill missed his punch and Gallas nodded home from 3 yards. From watching the replay this morning he looks offside, you’d be angry if it was you conceding, but thankfully the officials remained consistently poor throughout and we won 2-1. We’re going to Wembley to face the Chavs.

Arsenalist, as always, has goals and highlights.

I’d love it if that’s what last night was remembered for, but sadly it wont be. Come the full time whistle Phil Brown was pointing the finger left right and centre, looking for someone to blame. Some say Wenger was waiting to shake his hand but gave up, others say Wenger just avoided him. One this is certain, Hull’s assistant manager has accused Cesc of spitting on him. Initially the accusation was that it took place on the pitch when it seems Cesc was at least 20ft from the Hull coaching staff whilst congratulating his team mates. Then this morning that’s changed to in the tunnel. Hmm!

Cesc has denied the altercation took place:

“I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing? I can understand the frustration of losing a game to a dubious goal, that has happened to me many times in my career as well. But this is not the fault of me or any of the Arsenal players.”

It’s true, after conceding a goal like that to cost you a place at Wembley, you’re going to be pissed off. Brown pulled no punches:

"For their club captain Cesc Fabregas to spit at my assistant at the end of the game shows you what this club is all about."

Brown felt Riley "succumbed to local pressure" in the second half after his players were jeered for time-wasting.

"Mr Wenger decides to join in and the result is my goalkeeper getting booked in the second half.

"Arsene Wenger got my goalkeeper booked. You call that good management? He was complaining about time-wasting. It's an absolute disgrace."

Asked about Wenger's failure to shake his hand at the final whistle, Brown said: "He never does."

Brown insisted: "We haven't been beaten by Arsenal, and they are fourth top of the Premier League. We have been beaten by a linesman's decision and a referee's decision for Gallas' goal." – Quotes from BBC and Sky

Here comes the Walrus link. It reeks of Allardyce, it truly does. Shows what this club is all about? F**k off, we clapped them off in September, and rightly so! And speaking of that game in September, Wenger never shakes hands?

Hmm, looks like a f**king handshake to me Tangoman Phil! Porkie pies methinks! Your goalkeeper was booked in the second half because he’d been f**king about and taking an age to take goalkicks since the 20th minute! He was timewasting and was rightly booked! And as for local pressure, isn’t that something northern teams pride themselves on, a decent, partisan atmosphere? Usually we’re f**king silent at the Grove so perhaps it was shock that persuaded the officials to book him? Beaten by a linesman’s decision and a referee’s decision, well, yes, it was the wrong decision, but the officials were poor throughout the game for both teams, the “handball” against RVP when it hit him in the chest for example. Only one person got that one wrong, and it was old Ma Riley (as usual), that’s standard for him, he’s incompetent yet somehow still a top flight referee!

Brown seems to be having a pop left, right and centre and ignoring the fact that in the second half only one team was going to score, and it wasn’t one who’s striped shirts matched his suit and perma-tan! Yes yes yes, the winning goal was controversial and I’d be seething if the boot was on the other foot, but to badmouth everyone but your own side after being outplayed, come on!

If Fabregas is found guilty, please, throw the book at him. Spitting is the lowest of the low and has no place in sport or indeed society. But if this turns out to be nothing more than uber-sour grapes (something Wenger is apparently an expert in) then Brown and his cronies will have much more than egg on their faces you’d hope. Thing is, if it’s a tunnel altercation it’s going to be very very hard to get to the bottom of it unless spotted by an FA official. No TV footage (so far!) to prove/disprove anything so it’s just Brown’s word vs Cesc’s word. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us get punished though, regardless of there being no evidence.

Still, sod it, casting sour, fake tanned grapes aside, it’s Chavski in the semi final on April 18th. Let the quest for tickets commence!

Enjoy your day, unless you’re Phil Brown!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Paddys – Time to tame the Tigers


Top of the morning to ye!

I’m not Irish, but have drunk enough Guinness so that’s all that counts!

Brief one today as I’m busy. Team news for tonight. Arshavin should feature despite suffering a gash in his right foot during the Blackburn game, Fabianski in for Almunia as usual, although the Spaniard is doubtful for Saturday as he has an ankle injury (I wonder how he got that!), Gibbs for Clichy and apparently Ramsey is tired so will be rested. Not exactly sure how he’s tired as we’ve not seen him for a few weeks,  poor little mite! Eduardo apparently still isn’t fit so probably wont feature.

Game is on Setanta so I’ll probably watch online to avoid getting as hammered as I did during the Roma game last week!

Fingers crossed for a repeat performance from Saturday, Hull are really in the mire in the league at the moment and their form isn’t great, so lets hope they’ve got their minds on survival more than the cup and we can book our date with the Chavs on April 18th at Wembley.


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Monday, 16 March 2009

Arsenal 4 – 0 Bolton Mk. II


I said we’d know in ten minutes if Arsenal would win on Saturday, we knew in 75 seconds as we stuffed the Walrus’ Circus and Freakshow comfortably.

Goals and highlights as usual from Arsenalist.

The performance was one that we’d been waiting for in the premiership for a long while as we dominated from beginning to end. Fat Sam’s play, as usual, was to prevent us from playing through any means, so it was good to see that go up in smoke when Ooijer put through his own net under pressure from Arshavin within 2 minutes.

Blackburn then seemed to mimic their Lancastrian neighbours Bolton under the Walrus, shirt pulling, niggly tackles and the downright filthy, which was provided with much aplomb from El-Hadji Diouf (who else!) when he took out Almunia with a disgrace of a tackle. The ref bottled it, and the spitter escaped what many felt was a straight red. Odd how the media haven’t really said much about the “tackle” since as well!

It wasn’t until halfway through the second half that our second game, Arshavin with some nice moves on the touchline to beat his man and rifle the ball past Robinson at his near post and into the roof of the net. Truly a goal of pure quality. But until that point Bendtner had missed 3 or 4 very good chances, and was met with sarcastic applause when he was substituted for Vela. Perhaps a tad harsh.

Bendtner really is a confidence player, as we saw at WBA. If he starts well he tends to continue that way. The trouble is, especially at home, the moment he makes a mistake or fluffs a chance the crowd gets on his back and his confidence goes, it’s a vicious circle. He gets in the right positions but fluffs his lines with worrying regularity. The potential is there, maybe, but we rarely see it blossom as Bendtner has more cold days than hot.

Things got a bit scary in the last three minutes when Emmanuel Eboue scored a brace. Yeah, you read that right, he bagged two. The first tapping in a rebound from a Arshavin shot Robinson could only parry, and the second a well dispatched penalty after Vela had been upended. He’s been better the last few games now and is, I say this quietly, developing a bit of a cult following at the Grove now. Granted he’ll f**k it all up by diving theatrically or just simply looking like he’s not trying, but until that happens fair play to him.

Another player who gets plenty of criticism, especially from me, is Alex Song. On Saturday, Song had possibly his finest game in an Arsenal shirt. He was first to every ball, came out of every tackle with the ball and his distribution was fine. Coupled with the 2 assists against Burnley and it could be possible that the penny has dropped!

So, an Arsenal win that took us 4th was followed yesterday by the scum doing us a favour and beating Villa 2-1 at Villa Park, and therefore keeping us in the top 4 by virtue of a better goal difference. But more importantly, this Arsenal side is starting to gather momentum and Villa are doing the opposite. Lets hope it continues and we can put some daylight between ourselves, the Brummies and Everton, who are still in with a shout of the top 4 after a 3-1 win over Stoke.

Hull in the FA Cup quarter final tomorrow night, will deal with that tomorrow morning!

Have a good Monday y’all.

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Friday, 13 March 2009

Looking back at Roma and forward to Blackburn

Morning. I now feel that I can blog properly, mainly because I’m not still off my face from the night before. Extra time and penalties are dangerous when your half of the pub is quiet! The other half of the pub on Wednesday was like walking into Salford (although ironically I bet it would have been the other way around up there, poxy Surrey Mancs).

Anyway, woo! We’re in the hat for the quarter finals again and that was our first penalty shootout win in Europe since Sampdoria in the Cup Winners Cup semi final in 1995.

The game was piss poor and we never looked like scoring in the whole 180 minutes, RVP cut a lone figure up front, saying that I don’t remember them having too many clear cut chances either, and I personally thought Diaby and Bendtner had decent games. At the back it was schoolboy stuff for the goal. Just one of you put your f**king boot through it! Clichy had a torrid night as well, but sod it, in a cup tie only the result matters, and we got it. Ideally I’d like Villareal in the next round to give Bobby Pires a proper send-off, sods law says it’ll be United as Blatter and Platini ensure the English teams all play each other.

So, Blackburn tomorrow, team news is obviously Arshavin is back, Eduardo has a groin strain so is out. I’m starting to think he’s avoiding me every time I visit THOF. And he doesn’t ring, he doesn’t write. Why Eddie, why? Expect the side to be rotated from midweek, Theo probably starting, Vela too and probably Djourou and Song.

I said last week that this is the game that we’ll know if Arsenal are back, A bit more pace inserted into the attack in the form of the returning Walcott and getting at them from the start is the way forward, and again, we’ll know within the first ten minutes how this one will pan out. I can easily imagine Wenger using the fact we had extra time and penalties as an excuse for another sub-par performance though, lets hope we got a boost from midweek and continue with the momentum we’re generating.

I’m hoping for a 2-0 win tomorrow, one because it’ll put us fourth until at least Sunday, and secondly because Sam Allardyce is a big, fat, walrus look-a-like c**t and I loathe him with a passion. So come on Arsenal, lets turn them over!

Have a good weekend, keep an eye on my tweets in the top left of this blog as I’ll probably update it with drunken ramblings during the game.


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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Kick ‘em in/out

I feel like I should write something, but am still unable to cover last night adequately. That’ll come later as I’m suffering right now.

First of all, SHOOP DA WHOOP!


Second of all, because of Totti and Motta, the pair of diving, fannyburrowing c**ts who should be in ballet rather than football, and more so because of the Roma scum who ambushed an Arsenal minibus on the way to the game, take the final away from Italy, they don’t deserve it and haven’t done for a while. Italian football is the gutter. Scum.

Celebratory post once I sober up!


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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Roma, la la la la, Roma, la la la la, Romaaaa

To the tune of Lola by The Kinks, but sounded better in my head  Ah well.

Roma away tonight, our hosts are depleted while the squad that flew out last night is full of freshly fit attacking options:

Arsenal squad for AS Roma
1 Manuel ALMUNIA (GK)
2 Abou DIABY
3 Bacary SAGNA
5 Kolo TOURE
8 Samir NASRI
10 William GALLAS
12 Carlos VELA
16 Aaron RAMSEY
17 Alex SONG
20 Johan DJOUROU
21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
22 Gael CLICHY
26 Nicklas BENDTNER
27 Emmanuel EBOUE
40 Kieran GIBBS

As I said in a previous post, this and Blackburn are the two games on which we should judge if Arsenal are back, although I’d still say Blackburn will be more of an effective marker as we tend to be more “up” for the bigger games.

I expect Le Boss with go with the 4-5-1 we’ve been using in European matches, probably with Bendtner starting like in the first leg, so lets see how his confidence is now following his salvo vs WBA last week. Roma will be a different animal tonight and certainly no where near as poor as they were in the first leg, however with their injury crisis I’m expecting us to nick one tonight and go through, or at least that’s what I’m hoping! Wenger insists that we will attack and has laid down the gauntlet to the players:

“What we are playing for at the moment is the destiny of this team. How much do we want to be the best? That is what is at stake. But I am confident. I feel the quality is there and the mental desire is there. It is down to us to show it.”

Big words from the boss, lets hope he’s right, we aren’t left to rue those missed chances in the first leg and advance to our second quarter final this week.



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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Ok, so last night’s friendly with the Southampton Jaguars turned into 2 friendlies. One against their A squad, and one against their B. Not usually a problem.

Except we only had 7 players, whereas they seemed to be multiplying as the games went on.

Anyway, we only lost 5-2 to their premier league team, yours truly putting us one up in the opening 13 seconds, and drew with their B’s 4-4, where I notched another goal, sliding one under the keeper on the backhand.

One thing we noticed last night is that we were all playing with smiles on our faces, and a result our play benefitted. Hell, we were even able to keep a high tempo for an hours hockey with only 7 players! But we kept it simple, played well and had great fun.

Anyway, as fun as last night was, I’m seriously paying for it today!!

In Arsenal news, Kolo is in the squad for Roma tomorrow, as Totti probably will be for the Giallorossi but that’s yet to be confirmed. I’ll have a proper preview tomorrow and probably a bit on Adebayor’s latest comments, if I can be arsed. It’s like the old man says, the crapper the player the more they spout off in the media!

Oh, and I’ve activated the comments on here, so feel free to leave some, I disabled the signing in thing as I’m interested to see if anyone actually reads this.

If anyone finds me slumped across my desk, wake me before my boss comes!


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Monday, 9 March 2009

Arsenal 3 –0 Burnley, 1 game from Wembley and new away kit?

Set up
Who scored..........



.......I'm sorry, I still can't get my head around that.

So, a stroll in the spring sun (and rain, lots of rain) for the Arsenal yesterday as we thumped Burnley 3-0 to book an FA Cup quarter final with Hull. Win that, and it’s the Chavs at Wembley for the semi final!

All three goals were of the highest quality. Vela pulled out his favourite finish, the cheeky chip, after turning well and holding off the Burnley defence to lob Jensen, looks like he learnt from the Carling Cup game at Turf Moor earlier in the year. The second has to be a contender for goal of the season.

Alex Song (yes, SONG) crossed the ball from the left wing, Eduardo popped the offside trap and vollied home with the outside of his left heel. Absolutely sublime.

The third, as you may have guessed, couldn’t have been in anyone’s wildest dreams, even if they’d dropped a bucket of acid.

A good passing play found Song (yes, him again), who BACKHEELED the ball into the path of Eboue (yes, him!), who took a few touches and rifled the ball into the bottom left of the net. Whilst others in the pub celebrated, I sat there and checked the sky for flying swine.

Arsenalist has the goals and highlights.

Song, to Eboue…….seriously, this has messed with my head!

So all in all a good performance but Burnley were poor and a shadow of the side we faced in the Carling Cup, so again, I hate to say it, but lets see how we do against Roma and Blackburn before we start saying Arsenal are back. But it was great to see Eduardo and Theo back again, the former making it 3 goals in just 130 minutes of football since his return, staggering considering the amount of time out. You’d expect to see them play some part on Wednesday night in Rome.

In other injury news Cesc is back in light training apparently 2 weeks away from returning to full training, so that’ll be a month from being ready for matches then. The official site has some lovely pictures of him running, jumping and this one:


Is it just gas or a trip to the clubhouse? Hmmm. But seriously, it’s looking like the team will be back at the crunch period of mid-April when we face Liverpool, the Chavs and the Mancs as well as the cup semi (hopefully) as well as the Quarters of the Champions League (hopefully), giving us a massive shot in the arm at a crucial time. It ain’t over till its over kids!

Looking ahead to Roma on Wednesday and they seem to be experiencing the opposite to what we have, with players dropping like flies left right and centre. According to the Times, Pizarro limped out of their game with Udinese at the weekend with a thigh strain, Menez and The Beast have the Flu (bless), Vucinic has a back problem, Perrotta and Cassetti are long-term injury problems, Daniele De Rossi is suspended, Christian Panucci is not in their Champions League squad while the latest to drop out is Cicinho, who apparently sustained a season-ending knee injury in training yesterday! But more on Roma on Wed.

Finally, these surfaced on the OGF over the weekend (Cheers to Tony Saunders) and seem to confirm the CGI’s that emerged earlier in the year of the identity of next season’s away kit. While I’m a firm believer that we should be in yellow and blue away, these have a certain something about them (mainly because I liked the original ‘83 away kit it is based on)


So yeah, that’s your dollop of all things Arsenal today. One final mention that the Arrows went down 4-2 to the Southern Jets last night. While I felt fitter it was one of those were I came away feeling I could have played better, and I hate that, it gnaws away inside of you like a small, irritating rodent. One that needs to be crushed, fingers crossed I can do that in tonight’s friendly with the Southampton Jaguars, although they’ll probably spank us. Ah well……

¡Roca en, hombres!

Friday, 6 March 2009

The sun is shining, but I’m not going to football

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Surrey, but it’s fecking freezing as well! Actually it’s been cold since I got my hair cut last week. Sods law eh!

News ahead of Sunday’s FA cup 4th (are we in the 4th round, or is this the 5th? I’ve lost track now) round game vs Burnley is that I wont be there as I’ve got my only hockey game for 3 months that evening, sods law again! In fact, damn you, sod, damn you!

Real news ahead of Sunday is the return of Theo and Eduardo (again!), or at least potentially. The manager said:

“I will see how they [Walcott and Eduardo] look Friday and Saturday but they will certainly be in the squad, especially Theo,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online. “We have to wait and see how Eduardo reacts and responds to his injury.”

With Roma on the horizon and Adebayor still sidelined for both games you’d expect at least one of them to play a part, even if it’s only for 20 minutes or so. Kolo is also out of Sunday but Gallas should be back, which saves us the pain of Mikael Silvestre!

The FA Cup presents an awesome opportunity for some silverware, and we already know that if we beat Burnley and Hull at home then we’ve got a semi-final at Wembley, which would be great alone just to shut those c**ts from up the road after their 2 tin-pot finals there. So here’s hoping we play more like Tuesday Arsenal than Saturday Arsenal, and not like that Sunday Arsenal that we saw earlier in the year at Cardiff.

Actually, one final thing, as I mentioned those c**ts from up the road, well done to Steve Bold and his Young Guns for beating them 3-1 in the FA Youth Cup with two goals in the 90th minute to take the tie with apparently 2,500 Gooners at the sh*tehole, well played! Next up are either City or Norwich.

Ok, I’m off to take the car through it’s first MOT. Have a top weekend and COME ON YOU REDS!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Football, you’ve gotta love it!

What do the two below have in common?

Well, they are one and the same.

At approximately 5:15pm on Saturday we were all nursing our pints and thinking of far-flung teams in Finland or the Faroe Islands that we may be visiting in next season’s EUROPA League, if we were able to hold off Everton.

Sunday afternoon saw Villa go 2-0 up against Stoke to confirm our fears on the race for 4th place, that it was over and we’d be 8 behind. What followed is what makes football great.

  • Stoke get 2 goals to draw 2-2, leaving Villa 6 points ahead.
  • We then win away to WBA to go 3 points behind Villa and level on goal difference and 5 ahead of Everton but having played a game more
  • Then last night Villa lost 2-0 away to Man City, swinging the goal difference in our favour, while Everton are held 0-0 at Blackburn.

From being 15 minutes away from being a dot on the horizon, we’re now right in Villa’s rear view mirror and with several key players about to return from injury.

How will this rollercoaster ride of a season conclude? Let’s hope there’s more ups than downs.

Rock On!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Well that makes a change from 0-0, doesn’t it!

Ok, after my fruitless attempts of following last night’s victory at West Brom online I’m going to write this as I watch the highlights.


  • No club has ever drawn 5 top flight games 0-0 in a row, another record I guess! =)
  • As I said on my tweets before the game, with Song, Denilson, Eboue in midfield and RVP rested I really thought Wenger had thrown this one
  • Good movement from the off tonight
  • Oh, that’s class! Good work from Nasri to earn the corner, Denison does well to control the ball from the clearance and Bendtner, well, there was a first touch, a bit of dribbling and a sublime finish! Piss test please! 1-0 Arsenal!
  • EBOUE! IF YOU’RE GOING IN THE WALL DON’T MOVE OUT OF THE F**KING WAY WHEN THEY TAKE THE FREEKICK!!!! Just one step to his right and the ball goes where he was. Twat! 1-1.

  • Quite end to end this. Should we be end to end against a championship-bound club? Moving the ball well though.
  • Oh, you can see why WBA are heading back down. Great ball into the box from an Arshavin free kick finds Kolo Toure totally unmarked to head into the bottom corner. He’s not been great this season but since the turn of the year has steadily re-gained form, so great to see him score. 2-1 Arsenal.
  • Great finish from Bendtner! Can we have a piss AND DNA test please, I don’t believe this is the same guy we’ve been watching the last few weeks. A long ball from Toure finds Bendtner, who’s marker is watching planes in the sky or something, takes the ball well on his knee (First touch!! He’s developed a f**king first touch!) and lashes the ball in from a tight angle! Sublime finish. 3-1 Arsenal


  • Kolo off injured for Diaby, lets hope it’s not too serious.
  • Bendtner is playing really well! Sets up Arshavin who should have scored but Carson saves.
  • Gooners behind the goal making plenty of noise. Well played.
  • Bendtner, you’re not Bendtner. Seriously. Who the f**k are you? He’s gone past 2 players, a nice bit of footwork before playing the ball to Arshavin who missed the goal by a whisker. Actually, that’s a good save from Scottie Carson.
  • Diaby bursting forward as he’s been doing more recently, shimmy and shot but deflected over. Denilson did well to win the ball initially.
  • Bendtner hits the post after more good foot work on the edge of the area and cutting inside, his left footed effort comes back off the base of the upright. Please Nick, stop now, I fear this may be all the creative goodness in your body coming out in one game!
  • Good give and go between Bendtner and Eboue but the latter shoots straight at Carson. On target I suppose. How many times have I written Bendtner in this! 9 already? And none of them have had the words “touch”, “rapist” or “f**king donkey” near them? I’m scared…..
  • WBA spring our offside trap but the shot is tipped wide by Almunia. Done well when called upon tonight.
  • The Ole’s are ringing out now.
  • Arshavin forces a good save from Carson. Getting better with fitness for certain.
  • F**k me, I thought our place emptied out early but this place is deserted before full time!


So, what have we learnt from that? Well, Arsenal play better on Tuesday nights, that’s for sure. But more than that, there’s seems to be a decent, skilled and most importantly, hungry footballer in Nicklas Bendtner. Tonight he had pace, strength, movement, an eye for goal and a first touch (I still can’t believe I’m writing this). I’d actually say at times some of his touches and movement was akin to Henry.

Ok, I’m going to sit down now…..

Lets think about this more. Yes, Arsenal were good last night, straight from the off we went at them, got the early goal I mentioned a few blogs back (yeah, I called that one!), moved the ball around really well with some great one touch passing. It was like the Arsenal we all know and love.

But, as good as it was last night, it has to be taken in context.

This was West Bromwich Albion. We have to remember that this lot concede goals for fun, not as many as Derby but they’re having a good go at it. And without Jay Simpson in attack they were pretty toothless as well. This lot are probably going down and there’s a good reason for that, they’re not good enough for the top flight. As a result of their poor play we were able to take advantage and play our football, albeit with extra motivation and sense of urgency that has been so so badly lacking in recent weeks.

Sorry to piss on many bonfires, but lets see how we follow this up in the against Roma and Blackburn (sorry to discount Burnley but in terms of comparison they’re more akin to WBA than other future opponents) before we declare that Arsenal are back.

One final thing, I think we’ll all be Citizens tonight as Man City (minus Bellamy and Robinho typically) play Villa. Come on City, help us get the challenge for 4th back on!

Red Army!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

And one more thing!

Just to brighten your day!



FNM stick the knife in, and WBA away

Just when things couldn’t get shitter one of my favourite bands who recently announced they were getting back together after 11 years, Faith No More, decide to kick me while I’m down:

Faith No More have confirmed that they are re-forming, and will headline Download Festival at Donington Park this summer.

Faith No More’s appearance at Download 2009 will be their ONLY UK date this year.

So FNM's only UK date this year is at a festival that a) You can only get weekend tickets for at £160 a pop plus booking fee and P&P and b) has Limp Bizkit.

Utter pish!

In football news, we’re away to West Brom tonight, a team at the polar opposite of our current defensive record. However they’re pretty handy up front, so thankfully Jay Simpson won’t be able to face us due to the conditions of his loan to the Baggies.

I’d give my soul for a 1-0 win, I’d give my balls for anything greater*. If we can’t score against this lot tonight then we’re well and truly f**ked.

Team wise, Gallas is out and will be replaced by Djourou, but otherwise expect the same side that forced 60,000 people into a collective coma on Saturday. Looking further ahead Le Boss has hinted that there’s an outside chance that Eduardo, Theo and Ade will be fit for Burnley. I’d expect substitute appearances from at least one of them in this match with Roma away in just over a week. Cesc and Rosicknote are about 3 weeks away, although the latter was meant to only be 3 weeks away a year ago, so I’ll believe that when I see it.

Please, God, Satan, Allah, Buddha and Keith Moon, end this poor run and give us 3 points!

Tonight, Arsenal, please just f**king win.

*This doesn’t mean I will actually give up either a) my soul if we win 1-0 nil or b) my balls if the margin is greater.

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Monday, 2 March 2009


Like the Arsenal team on Saturday, I can’t really be arsed.

To be honest I’m still f**king livid from the game.The last ten minutes when we couldn’t even be bothered to chase their shadows were abysmal, and it actually got that bad before Wenger got off his arse and tried to motivate the players. It actually took things to get that low! Everything I said couldn’t and shouldn’t happen in my previous post did.

The thing that makes this even worse it that this was pretty much the same group of players that played Roma off the park just 4 days previously.

The blame lies with the manager……..

At least David Bentley and the Spuds brought a smile to my face this weekend. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger rat-faced t**ser!

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