Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Everton away

I keep having a conversation in my head about tonight:

"Everton away. We're fucked"

"Why? We've not lost in 8 games now"

"Indeed, but we've not exactly been great have we. I mean there's been plenty of late goals, few consistent spells of creativity and the defence looks more nervous that an IBS sufferer at a fireworks display after a vindaloo!"

"Er, yeah, but Everton only have one striker"

"Yes, but they have Cahill and that screech-look-a-like bloke and keep scoring from crosses and set pieces."

"Yeah, and your point? RVP is bang on form at the moment so as long as we keep it tight at the back...."

"WE CAN'T DEFEND CROSSES AND SET PIECES! And I haven't even mentioned Arteta yet!"

"Ahhhh, I see. Yeah, we're fucked"

I can't get the image of that Fellaini bloke, or whatever his name is, nodding one in off his giant barnet with 5 mins to go in the pissing rain to make it 2-1 Everton out of my head. A preminition? I hope not. With Villa winning 1-0 at Pompey last night with their only shot of the game (when, oh when will their luck run out!!) the pressure is back on us to respond with a win. It's not on Sky or Sultana, but I have training anyway tonight so will rely on the old man to text me updates.

Please Arsene, please, for the love of God, Allah and Chuck Norris leave Song and Eboue on the bench. Or better still, back in London.......

In other news I can't beat my top score on my powerball at the moment and seem to be stuck on 11872rpm, and I'm less than 48 hours from climbing off the wagon!

38 hours and 51 minutes to be precise. Not that I'm counting.....

Allez Arsenal!

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