Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Initial thoughts.........

Erm, so, yeah, blogging. Thought I'd give it a shot! Don't expect too much from this, will probably peeter out like most fads.

I Probably should be working but Tuesday afternoons seem to drag, bit like an Arsenal transfer (still waiting on Arshavin)

Oh, speaking of which, this is from Sky sports:

14.02 Arsene Wenger declared the on-going Andrei Arshavin transfer saga was "of little interest" as he focuses on getting the best out of his current Arsenal squad of Wednesday's trip to Everton.

Well, thats probably not happening then, is it! Personally I think we're buggered at Everton anyway. We looked shaky at the back against Cardiff (Cardiff!!!!!) so I hate to think how many a team that specialises from scoring from crosses/set pieces will score. And I can't see how bringing Denilson back is going to help our attacking creativity either!

In other news, I've been on the wagon since 12:01am on Sunday 4th January and am now just 3 days away from breaking my fast, I can't f**king wait!

That first beer is going to taste so good!

I also use exclamation marks too much.....

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