Friday, 19 June 2009

Brace Brace Brace!

Yeah, we’re about to make a signing apparently. Everyone, grab an oxygen mask. Pulling in down will start the supply of O2 to the mask. Parents and Guardians, please ensure you fit your own mask before helping others.

Thomas Vermaelen will have his medical today according to penniless Sultana. He sounds quite excited about it as well:

“On Friday I will fly to London to undergo a medical. Then I hope to sign. I feel so proud. Arsenal is a fantastic club, and as a child I watched them play.

On Friday, if I go to Emirates Stadium I will be seriously impressed, this will be a big change in my life, next year I will suddenly be facing the best strikers in the world. This does not scare me, I will give everything my body has.

This is one of the best days of my life.”

So, he’s as happy as Larry. I don't know who Larry is or why he’s happy, but I suspect its probably drugs. You can probably tell which is Larry’s house as the roof wont have any snow on it when it snows due to the cannabis factory in his loft. I love that “I will give everything my body has” bit too, as I just get images of him all skinny and empty at the end of the game, with his skin just hanging off his skeletal frame.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear about how the story progresses instantly though, remember the Nasri and Arshavin transfers and how long they took? That Arshavin one was on a snow day too, I spent 8 hours clinging onto Sky Sports News’ every word that day, so thank god I’ve got a relatively busy weekend to distract myself from it! So fingers crossed we’ll get this one in the bag and everything will be like Bruce Campbell; Groovy.


The official season review DVD is out soon, don’t all rush to get it…..

Theo assisted James Milner’s goal in England’s 2-0 victory over Spain in the U21 Championships. Check out the video, Theo lights the afterburners at about 2:05 in, toasts his man before threading a perfect pass for Milner to place the ball into the net. Awesome assist, more of that next season please Mr Walcott.

In other news……………erm……………………………………there isn’t any, so I’ll bid you good weekend.

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