Thursday, 30 July 2009

Farewell to the last of the Invincibles

So, after 7 odd years of sterling service, Kolo leaves for a big old paycheque and a few less games a week.

To be honest, you can see the reasons behind the move, he didn’t look the same player since the last African Cup of Nations and the Malaria at the beginning of last season seemed to have made his arse swell. This coupled with the fact that we had 7 centre backs at the time (well, Kolo, Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou plus the bit parts of Song, Senderos and Silvestre) means that something had to give. And at an alleged £15 million it made good business sense that it was Kolo.

When my uncle stalked him last week, Kolo said that he wanted to stay. There was something about the delivery that made it sound like things were afoot to sell regardless. And with sales of the Highbury Square development struggling it’s more than believable that the board would want to cash in when a big, OTT offer comes in.

The only concern is that some of this and the Ade fee isn’t re-invested into the squad. You don’t buy a defender for £10mil and have him sit on the bench, so Vermaelen had to start with Gallas. Djourou looks encouraging. But if when one of those gets injured you’ve got one of Song, Senderos and Silvestre to replace them. It’s a case of pick your poison. Either Arsene has a master plan, or his hand is being forced by finance.

But anyway, reasons aside, Kolo was one hell of a servant and we can only wish him well, and that he boots that big streak of piss we sent oop north up in the air in his first training session.

In other news we beat Hannover 96 1-0 last night, Cesc finishing off a nice passing play. Cheers to Arsenalist for the highlights. Next up its Athletico Madrid in the Emirates Cup, not sure my liver can cope with this.

I’ll put some odds and sods about Austria up at some point.

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