Thursday, 2 July 2009

Valencia away?

I loves me football shirts I does. Well, apart from our w**ky third kit which I’m still seething about. But anyhoo, I often mooch about on FSC to check out who is bringing out what, and stumbled upon Valencia’s new offering, which included a rather awesome 90th Anniversary kit.

I then read the description:

“The Valencia kit with the names in the shape of a bat commemorates the 90th birthday of the club, and pays tribute to all men who have defended the team on the pitch.

Valencia will wear this kit against Manchester and Arsenal in the pre-season and in the big matches of the Spanish League.”

Valencia away pre-season in the Mestalla? News to me. So I checked their official:

“This summer, Valencia CF will face some other great European teams. Tough opponents such as Werder Bremen, Manchester United or Arsenal, as well as Borussia Dortmund or Sevilla FC, will be a perfect test for our team. Valencia CF will start the official campaign on 20 and 27 August with the previous play-off of the new UEFA Europe League.

August 8th      Official Presentation - Trofeo Naranja at Mestalla. Valencia CF – Arsenal


Camp de Mestalla – Awesome (and soon to be gone)

Not sure what the “or” bit is about, I mean given the choice between us or Manure we all know what the correct one is, right?

So, keep them locked as we could have a pretty sweet pre-season game on our hands.


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