Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lots of stuff going down

Right, we all know what happened on Saturday, and the uber-sh*tstorm that it has created on many fronts.

First of all, I don’t actually have a problem with Greedybayor’s celebration. Yes, it was provocative, and yes, it was utterly retarded like the player himself. But we all had a chuckle when Henry did this to the Spuds didn’t we?


Actually, I prefer the photoshopped version of that:


I mean, ok, it’s not like Henry played for the Spuds and had an acrimonious departure after a season of getting paid a lot of coin for doing f**k all before trying to take one of their strikers’ head off, scoring and then taunting them, not like that utter c**t.

My main gripe is that the pillocks in the media seem to be more obsessed with the celebration that the true crimes, the stamps on Cesc and RvP (images pinched from Gunnerblog).

               Adebayor's high tackle on Cesc FabregasAdebayor stamp on Van Persie

While the Cesc incident could well be an accident, the RvP ‘face rake’ certainly was not. Greedybayor’s claim that he was trying to get the ball is utter tripe was the ball was well gone by the time he attempted surgery with his foot. It was a malicious attempt to harm, made all the more shocking by the fact that referee Mark Clattenburg as no more that 4 years away from the incident and looking right at it. You could argue that if he’d not bottled it and shown Greedy the Red that he will no doubt get retrospectively, then we would have gone on to win the game.

Take nothing away from City though, their counter attacking play was masterful and highlighted the need for a quality DCM. Quite why Wenger brought Song off I don’t know, but it’s a position that has required addressing since Flamini departed for Milan, no more “If I bring someone in it will kill X Y and Z’s development” it needs doing, bite the bullet.

In other news, Eduardo has been cleared of diving after the club’s appeal was upheld last night. Apparently we proved that there was contact. I’m still not convinced personally but glad that Eddy is available for Liege away tomorrow night, as game that we’ve not got to win just to get the CL off to a good start, but to give us some momentum that’s been lost on two jaunts up north.

The one thing I have noticed is that everyone has gone from having us as title runners to struggling to finish top 6 in the space of 2 games, something of a kneejerk reaction. The simple fact is, while we’ve lost away to both Manchester teams, we’ve got 3 difficult away fixtures done and dusted and have a game in hand. Assuming we win the game in hand, we’re in the same state as Liverpool but having played tougher fixtures. Plus we’re only 4 games into the season! This is a marathon not a sprint, a good run in what are, on paper, winnable matches before the Spuds visit at the end of next month should see us looking healthy both on the pitch and in the table.

Pre-Standard thoughts tomorrow.

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