Friday, 18 September 2009

Shut up C**tybayc**t and Wigan at home

Seriously, he’s starting to take the piss now.

I know he’s an attention seeking c**t and the best thing would be to ignore him, but Greedybayc**t’s latest comments on his antics last weekend have really gotten up my nose.

"There is only so much abuse a man can take until he reaches breaking point," the c**t says in the Sun.

That’s indeed true, but this is a two way thing. Us Arsenal fans took enough of the bloke abusing the club last season, holding the club at ransom last summer before playing like a total c**t for practically the entire season while we all paid through the noses to see him not give a toss. That after watching his two faced antics the summer before as he told us he was staying, then whoring himself to half of Europe an hour later. Then the c**t has the balls to claim that we showed a lack of respect for not shaking his hand before the game.

"My friends, like Eboue, were fine, they are decent people. But I could not understand some of the players being disrespectful towards me.”

Probably because you’re an epic, whale sized c**t and everyone can see this but you, and Eboue, but I’m sure he was just being polite.

'It wasn't my fault I left, it was Arsene who wanted to accept the offer for me. I wasn't making any comments in the press about wanting to leave or being unhappy. It was the club who wanted to sell me yet I am being abused by the fans who once cheered me.”

'I think, in terms of class on the pitch, we [City] have overtaken Arsenal and that was a reason for some of the hostility.'

Seriously??? What the f**k???? He didn’t want to leave and the club wanted to sell him???? City have overtaken us for class on the pitch?? With THAT c**t running around in a City shirt stamping on ex-teammates left right and centre before claiming it was THEM who were disrespectful????? He didn’t want to leave but was quite happy selling himself to Milan, Inter, Real, Barca et al at any given opportunity??? What f**king planet is he living on???

So yeah, to wake up to that lot on Sky Sports News this morning was rather entertaining to say the least.

Anyway, away from all things c**t for now and onto Wigan tomorrow. Injury news is that Mannone will continue in goal in absence of Almunia, AA is only 10% likely to play (which is 10% better than before I might add), Denilson’s back injury will keep him out a few more weeks while RvP should be our only returnee from midweek. It would be nice to see a convincing win and maybe, maybe a clean sheet, but the chances of us keeping a clean sheet are pretty slim, so I’ll take a couple of goals instead.

The Arsenalisation of the Grove continues, apparently the cannon in the seats in the Lower East has been modified to look less sh*t (apparently the size of our seats is causing trouble with adding detail but they’re working on it). The first exterior core has been done and will get its trial run tomorrow on the exterior opposite the North Bank Bridge (or that’s where the cherrypicker is at the moment looking at the Grove’s webcams), expecting it to be that retro-soviet legends design I posted a while back, while more work has been done on the lower concourse. I won’t be there to experience it tomorrow as I’m doing Fulham away instead so won’t get to see it all till the Scum visit in October.

Anyway, lets hope for a return to winning ways in the league.


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