Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Credit when credit’s due

I won’t to a match report from Pompey, I hate writing them.

Then this happened

Then that happened

It’s Tuesday, you’ve all had several days to digest it from elsewhere! Scarves looked good though.

Photo0498 Photo0497

One thing I will write about is those cretins on Match of the Day. We stuff Everton 6-1 away, no mean feat. MOTD chalk this down to Everton being appalling and Lescott’s head being elsewhere. Ok they were pretty damn bad that night. Next up, Portsmouth at home and a comfortable 4-1 win. MOTD explain that Portsmouth “are a club in turmoil” and that’s why we scored four. Nothing to do with the new formation, Gallas’ quest to score with every single body part this season other than his feet, our revived work rate off the ball, goals coming from a variety of positions (except forwards, Eduardo aside) or some pretty smooth finishing, oh no! Our ten (yes, TEN) goals scored in two games have come simply because the opposition have been sh*t.

Wenger said we’re going to improve, can’t wait to see what these prize pillocks come out with when we do:

“Well you see Garry, it was obvious Bolton were going to concede 7 because of the interplanetary alignment at the moment, it’s causing Jaaskelainen all kinds of problems and he can’t find the correct position. Arsenal were actually quite average and certainly not as good as United, Chelsea or Liverpool.”

Pffft, c**thammers the lot of them. Would love to hear Alan Hanson’s take on Liverpool’s capitulation last night.

Celtic tomorrow, Cesc won’t play but might make United on Saturday (a game I can’t watch as I’m going to be in the Cotswolds getting hammered at a mansion, bittersweet is the phrase I think)

More tomorrow, maybe.

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