Friday, 28 August 2009

Luck of the draw


Well, you’ve got to be happy with that, haven’t you!

We’ve been paired with Dutch Champions AZ, Greek Champions Olympiacos and Belgian Champions Standard Liege, with the Greek side the only one with any previous appearances in Europe’s premier competition.

It won’t be a total cakewalk, AZ play some good football and Standard ran Liverpool close in the qualifiers a few seasons back, while Greece is always a tough away trip. But when you look at some of the teams we could have faced then you’ve got to be quite content.

Official site has the fixtures here. AZ at home a day after the old man’s birthday and the night before mine, could be a good night that!

In other news Eduardo has actually been revealed as the cause of cancer, imagine that! Also every c**t in Scotland has called for UEFA to bad Eddy, which they’re now looking into. I can’t argue, it was a dive. But the next time Gerrard, Rooney, Lumpard, Drogba et al go down cheaper than a bad hooker can you see a member of the FA calling for UEFA to ban them? Can you f**k! It’ll be brushed under the carpet as it usually is or they’ll be labelled as ‘clever’ for winning their side a penalty (like Ashley Young last night for Villa apparently). So, I propose this, ban our players for diving, do this to the others. Although come to think of it, if the referee had seen it then it would be a yellow card, so why does it now warrant a bad equal to the length of a straight red?

News ahead of United away, Cesc has a fitness test on his hamstring today, as does Ramsey on his knee, while Rosicky won’t feature. I’m predicting a score draw and Owen’s knees exploding, that’d be sweet.

Have a good weekend.


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