Thursday, 20 August 2009

One foot in the groups & The Arsenalisation continues

Apologies for no blog yesterday, the gaffer was in and I was busy. Not that anyone reads this anyway!

So, a competent performance on Tuesday night saw us come away from Parkhead as the first team to win there since 1983 and with a 2-0 lead in the tie.

While the goals were lucky and we didn’t quite click offensively we looked confident and settled at the back, Thomas Vermaelen looking exceptional again. I seriously like this guy, looks like Vidic, jumps like Cahill and defends like Adams/Bould/Keown. He’s putting his good start down to another guy who has started the season well, William Gallas, who is probably playing his best football in 2 years at the moment (and has scored in each game so far this season!)

Celtic offered little, and while they had a decent shout for a penalty the only other threat of note was a shot from a corner in the first half which Almunia gathered despite seeing it late. The much-hyped atmosphere seemed to last all of 5 minutes as well as you could only hear the away fans who made an excellent din, a bit like the Grove really!

So, one foot in the group stages, but I think we’ll see more fight from Celtic in the second leg next week as they look to score first and revive the tie. This isn't over yet!

In other news the Arsenalisation of the Grove continues with the introduction of a big cannon in the seats of the Lower East.


Ok, it’s just the one, opposite the cameras for show and will probably be painfully visible once people start leaving in the 80th minute to “beat the rush” (tossers), but its a start. Love the way its facing the away fans too!

Rumours that Bendtner has signed a new contract, nothing to back this up yet.

Righto, Pompey at home on Saturday, thoughts on that tomorrow.

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