Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Beginning of a big week

So, the season-defining week starts here. Villarreal. Home. Champions League quarter final second leg. Nervous?

Too right!

Ever think that Arsenal as a whole speak too soon? Many occasions we’ve talked ourselves up only to have it blow up in our faces. Wenger says he won’t take the congratulations for the team’s turnaround. Congratulations? Nothing has been achieved yet lads, lets leave that for late May shall we?

Team news, as we already knew Clichy is out (although this happened while I was away, so not sure if I mentioned it, but you all knew already!) as is Djourou. No news on Eduardo so fingers crossed, but Diaby is back, and that’s got to be good news, especially with Senna out for Villarreal. The back four could be interesting to say the least. If Le Boss senses that Gibbs may be vulnerable then perhaps he'll play Song CB and Silvestre LB, otherwise it'll be Silvestre and Gibbs. Or he could throw a curve ball and put Eboue right back with either Silvestre or Song in the middle with Kolo, which I wouldn’t mind too much as he’s a better defender than midfielder. Either way it's not great, but lets hope with Senna out Diaby and Fabregas can keep the ball away from the back four as we dominate midfield.

I can’t see tonight being scoreless, and both teams will go for goals. So it could lead to a pretty entertaining game, although hopefully not with the 4-4 scoreline that the Chavs and Scousers served up last night. AW has called for a red-hot atmosphere at the Grove tonight, we’ve had a couple of really great games at our new-ish home so far; United one three occasions, Chavski at the end of the first season to deny them the title, Scum this season had an awesome atmosphere and The Scousers just before Christmas was one of the most hostile atmosphere’s I’ve ever heard an Arsenal stadium produce, so we can do it!

So, destiny awaits. Let ‘ave it!


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