Thursday, 16 April 2009

Good times, happy days and sore throats!

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So, United it is in the Semi Finals! I’m that happy I’m listening to Reel Big Fish, the happiest music you can get.

Last night was a relative walk in the park. Once we found out that the rumours on twitter about Sagna being out were indeed true it was obvious the only way we were going to defend was to just go at them from the off, and my we didn’t disappoint.

Cesc’s perfect flick-on put Theo in, who masterfully lobbed the keeper to make it one nil on the night. A goal of absolute quality. Adebayor made it two with good finish across the keeper after latching onto RVP’s great pass. Until that point he’d (Ade) done his usual, half arsed-always offside pisspoor display and the majority of fans, myself included, were calling for Bendtner. It was a good finish and after that he really upped his workrate, but my god, before that he was f**king dreadful! I mean seriously, if you can’t be bothered to run/stay onside (I counted 7 offsides before he scored, 5 in 4 minutes) in a crucial European tie then what the hell are you doing out there?

Anyway, that was two, and the night was rounded off when we were awarded a penalty for a foul on Walcott, RVP dispatched expertly. Looking back at the replay its a poor decision and you can see why Villarreal were so annoyed, so much so that Eguren talked himself into a second yellow card and an early bath. I’d be more sympathetic, but after all the diving, playacting etc from our guests it was a little karmic.

The final ten minutes was pretty much all about one player in yellow, Robert Pires. Standing ovations, constant singing of his name and applause as he continued to spray 40 yard pinpoint passes to his team mates. It was a class sendoff to one of the finest players to ever pull on the Red and White, with many not ashamed to admit singing his name one final time with a tear in the eye. Merci Bobby, merci.

Other things of note, Eboue reminded us why he was regarded as one of the best right backs in Europe a few years back with a great display deputising for Sagna. Another play who has been on the receiving end of my vitriol, Alex “Renaissance Man” Song, totally dominated the midfield last night. And when I say totally, I mean totally, hard working, hard tackling and fluid passing. Many have compared his performance last night to those of Flamini last season, a terrier. Fingers crossed he can play as well on Saturday!

So, United in the semi finals. Could be seeing a lot of them in the coming weeks. But in the nearer future, a menace from the west looms. Chavski preview tomorrow.


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