Friday, 17 April 2009

Is there a game tomorrow? Wembley you say?

Oh yes, my hairs are standing on end, I can’t sleep properly and my bowel movements, well, they’re not good. Must be a big game tomorrow then!

Team news isn’t great. Gibbs and Sagna are struggling to make the squad with a groin injury and virus respectively. If they’re both out then the only realistic option will be to play Song at CB with Silvestre (hopefully equipped with rocketpack) at LB. Not ideal when we’re facing Drogba, a man with a history of doing bad things to our defence. On the plus side, Eduardo isn’t fully match fit but is in the squad while Diaby is fully match fit and will probably start while obviously Arshavin is eligible. So lots of attacking options, not too many defensive ones. Full squads are overrated anyway!

In other news, Emmanuel Petit is on the BBC questioning our transfer policy:

"In the summer transfer market I see Chelsea, Liverpool and co spending millions to buy new players to build a stronger team, but when I look at my club they are spending almost nothing on new players and letting some key players go.”

Ok, so that’s two teams owned my million/billionaires spending money while the team that isn’t and is paying off a new stadium doesn’t. Shock bloody horror! And while Petit was at Chavski they nearly went to the wall anyway. 4 days I think they were from going under totally (god, just imagine if that had happened) until the Russian got on board and bought Whitebeard out, so perhaps Petit isn’t the best person to be giving economic advice. That and he wore shiny gold tracksuits.

Shiny Gold tracksuits, not all bad….

Other former players in the press today are, of course, Robert Pires, who says he was pleasantly surprised by his ovation Wednesday night.

“It shows how great the Arsenal fans are and that they don’t forget their former players. I was really touched and moved by their ovation and the fact that they were singing my name.”

Absolute legend, my throat is still sore from singing his name.

So, semi final tomorrow. All those going, make sure the whole of our end is decked out in Red and White and you’re singing nice and loud. Lets show the Chavs that there truly is only one team in London.



Kings of London

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