Monday, 27 April 2009


Uuuuurrrrrggghhh. I should probably write a proper blog here but I really cant be arsed. Yesterday’s “few pints in the pub during the game” ended up turning into a session. I blame you Burnie, you and my lack of ability to say no.

So, that was quite easy really wasn’t it, and Wenger’s first win over Gareth Southgate who apparently was the only manager in the Premiership to have never lost to Wenger until yesterday.

Boro had few chances and it’s quite obvious to see why they’re going down, and with a whimper too from yesterday’s performance. I was surprised how gutless Boro were, especially given their situation. Looked beaten once the first went in and showed no fight after the second. Not that that's a problem for us as it provided a good opportunity to rest a few players once the job was done with an eye on the CL semi on Wednesday night. Oooh, getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Anyway, other news. The FA have predictably charged Cesc over gobgate, once for the gob which everyone/the whole world/Jesus saw and once for coming onto the pitch. Smacks of a witch-hunt to me against the dirty horrible foreigner, boo talented migrant workers! They’ve slapped the second charge on there so they get their pound of meat either way. Will be interesting to see if that charge is applied in other games, can see there being real issues at Craven Cottage as both sides have to walk across the pitch between the dugout and tunnel! Typical FA, can’t get the ticket allocation of a cup final right but can punish us for something no-one/everyone/Jesus saw!

Monday afternoon brutality, provided by Pepe of Real Madrid.


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