Wednesday, 29 April 2009


So, this is it. Ground Zero.

I’m an absolute shambles this morning. Can’t think straight, restless, irritable, excited, and I decided to drink a few coffees and listen to ACDC, Sabbath and Metallica.

I’m concerned for what I may do to my workmates….

Team news. Vela is in the squad despite being quarantined following a visit from two friends from Mexico. Eduardo makes the squad despite being AWOL the last few weeks for reasons only the club knows. Gibbs and Silvestre had fitness tests this morning apparently so we’ll know later if we’re either screwed, royally screwed or Howard Webb screwed. If Gibbs isn’t fit I’d prey that Sagna switches to the left and Eboue plays right back. We shouldn’t fear, Eboue is up for it:

"To play in my second Champions League semi-final is fantastic. I never dreamed about that in my suburb in Abidjan called Nouveau Quartier Yopougon.

"We will be ready for Manchester. They are a great team, they are the cup holders, they have got some amazing footballers, but we will be ready for them.”

You hear that United, Eboue is ready! F**king run ya b*****ds!

It’s now the afternoon, just 6hrs and 45 minutes from kickoff, I’m wearing my lucky pants which have a big hole in them, so if I were to sh*t myself the result would be apocalyptic.

Lets hope tonight’s result isn’t


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