Monday, 23 February 2009

Arsene Knows?


I won’t go into Saturday as an actual report, primarily as I wasn’t there but also as it’s too depressing. But if the official site’s report isn’t as rose-tinted as usual then things must really be up! The man from East Lower gives a good write-up too

On the plus side, Arshavin started brightly, the boy looks class and will light up the league, but as his fitness faded as did our hopes of getting 3 points.

I caught the game on MOTD later Saturday night, I’d already spoken to my cousin and my old man who had already informed me it was, in unreserved terms “shite”. From the 4 minutes of highlights we actually looked creative, pressed forward well and created chances, forcing a few decent saves from Fullop.

Then I sat there and thought about it. 4 minutes of highlights from about 93 minutes of football. That’s pretty poor. The second half on MOTD started with a box saying that Arshavin had been replaced by Vela. That switch took place on 63 minutes. So what the hell happened in the minutes between 45 and 63? In fact, that highlight could have been the 67th minute for all we know. However I have a pretty good idea as to what happened, and it probably bears some relation to a crab. Sideways, sideways, sideways!


Arsenal's attacking play at the moment...

There’s the problem. I previous years we’ve started the game and really gone for the opposition lots of movement, overlapping runs and lashings of trying to get the early goal. Nowdays we rarely get this until the last 5 minutes when we realise that passing the ball sideways against the massed ranks of opposing defenders isn’t going to work. Why does this happen? Well, put bluntly, the players in the middle of the park at the moment aren’t good enough. Denilson is a squad player at best (at the moment) while Song just isn’t “Arsenal quality”, and don’t even get me started on Eb**e! However even the worst player in the world can understand the basics of attacking and ca

n be motivated. So Mr Wenger, here’s where I look at you. Jumping up and down in the last 5 mins and complaining about timewasting after giving moody gallic looks in the previous 85 minutes isn’t enough. This lot need motivation, be on your feet in the first 5 mins, prowl the touchline and let them no that this current malaise cannot continue. If we have got to watch sub-standard players, lets at least get them trying.

As for qualifying for the Champions League, well, lets just say that I’m preparing to have Tuesday and Wednesday evenings free next season.

Roma up next in what I’m expecting to be our last Champions League game at the Grove for a while, so I’m planning to get drunk and enjoy it while I can!

¡Roca en, hombres!

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