Thursday, 19 February 2009

Commit to get fit………or die trying!


The one thing that I really regret during my hockey career to date is that my lack of fitness/speed/whatever has probably held me back from achieving more.

Some games I’m ok, stamina isn’t an issue and I can quite happily last a full game no problems. But some games, especially recently against Portsmouth, I’ve just had no energy from pretty much the moment I kit up. And I only get a kick up the arse early in the second period. I do wonder how many goals/assists/games won I’d have if I were fitter.

Part of it is probably diet. Mid morning games I tend to eat pretty light so go into matches on an empty stomach. Most of it is probably drink, which I did cut out at the beginning of the year and haven’t really gone heavily on since I got back off the wagon.

So for the last 2 weeks, Leanne and I have been hitting the gym and the pool on multiple occasions to lose weight and get fitter, although probably not on the same immense scale as Janne, who for some reason has started to quote Coldplay in his blog.

Will it have any effect, well, next game is on March 8th vs Southern Jets (our last game for 2 months!!!), I guess we’ll see then…..

Rock on!

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