Wednesday, 25 February 2009

One Nil to the Arsenal



Been a long time since that has rung out at Highbury/the Grove, but a Robin Van Persie penalty midway through the first half was enough as we beat Roma.

I could do a full write-up of the game, but a) I wouldn’t do it justice and b) I can’t be arsed. Arseblog has done a good job of it as always, and there’s always the official site and BBC reviews.

Looking back, Wenger has stated that his primary regret on last night was that we were “wasteful”.

"That is the regret we have tonight, I'm happy with our performance but there was room to score more goals - we know we can create chances."

He’s bang on. Last night gave us a great opportunity to put the tie to bed and take the pressure off for the second leg. Glaring misses from Bendtner (who has the first touch of a mule) and Eboue (who frankly just shat himself when he realised where he was on the pitch) could have put us with a little more than a foot in the last eight. However, these are pretty much the only negatives from the night, aside from Alex Song who is in absolutely no way good enough for this club, can’t pass 4 yards and in a game where we actually finally started fizzing the ball around the park proved himself mentally and physically unable to keep up.

But, like I said, we actually finally started fizzing the ball around the park. There was pace, movement and attacking intent straight from the off. Its almost as if Wenger had read this blog! Na, course he doesn’t. In fact I only know of 2 people that do, and they’re family so that doesn’t really count I guess….

And even Eboue, yes, the f**king lovechild of Wenger, had a decent game last night. Granted some of his passing was a little erratic and there was a tiny bit of his usual playacting that we know and love, but he drove forward well and added width to our play, something that had been missing recently (amongst other things), and his work rate couldn’t be faulted. Has the penny dropped?

So, the lead isn’t as big as it should have been, but it’s a lead and more vitally a clean sheet. Nick a goal out there and they need 3, it can be done but it won’t be easy, ask the Mancs and Chav$ki!

Fulham at the weekend, but as it’s Wednesday I’ll deal with that nearer the time. Work calls…..

¡Roca en, hombres!

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