Friday, 13 February 2009




Yeah, that’s me scoring at the weekend! Possibly the first time it’s been caught on camera. Kudos to Mr Stick for the pics, there’s more here, lots more infact!

I still can’t crack the 12k on my powerball, and I’ve found I can’t get close after my initial run, pretty pathetic really.

No Arsenal or hockey this weekend, so I’m off to the dogs tonight in Wim-ble-don with Lea, Scott and Carrie, fingers crossed I’m better than at the gee gees.

Ah, it’s Friday the 13th, fuck that then!

I put a Twitter update thing on here as I continue to get obsessed with social networking tools, so check that out for some schizzle, it’s top left of this page.

Oh, and the state of Florida sucks…..

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