Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Like he’d never been away…


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51 days after THAT horror injury that had, at one point, threatened to end his career, Eduardo returned to the Arsenal first team and marked that return with a brace in a 4-0 win over Cardiff City.

My current financial situation meant I had to choose between going to either Cardiff, Sunderland or Roma, so I had to suffer the gems of wisdom that dropped out of Craig Burley's mouth while watching this on Setanta.

Arsenal were dominant from start to finish, to be honest I was kinda surprised by Cardiff but apparently the weather has caused them to not have a game in 13 days, not sure how true that is but would explain a lot. Anyway, some nice play between Vela and Eduardo see the former put an inch-perfect cross onto the head of the latter, and with plenty of space dispatch it past a helpless Tom Heaton.

The second came from another cross, Bendtner with a good header downwards, before Eddy got his second from the spot after a clumsy bit of defending and promptly celebrated with the medical team that worked so hard over the past year to get him back playing. RVP wrapped the night up with a 4th off his chocolate leg from a good through ball by Bendtner, and booking a home tie in the 5th round vs Burnley.

Cheers to Arsenalist for the footage.

So anyway, the night was really about Eduardo, but not totally. Personally, while Eddy’s return brought back pace, movement and creative flair up front that has been so so lacking over the last few months (take note Adebayor and Diaby), his interaction with another player who for some reason has been criminally overlooked in favour of Wenger’s love child Eboue, Carlos Vela, was the key to last night’s victory.

In more recent games Ade has dropped deeper and deeper to collect the ball, thinking he’s Ronaldinho or something. It doesn’t work and kills attacks. However last night with Eduardo doing this and Vela, playing left wing, providing the overlap and feeding Eduardo enabled us to return to the quick, freeflowing brand of attacking football we’re famous for. I mean for Christ's sake, it was timed at 14 seconds from Gallas winning/fouling at the back to Eddy planting the ball in the back of the net. We’ve not done that since the Invincibles!

Saying that we’ll probably see the return of Eboue on Saturday to fuck things up like the epic cunthammer that he is, god I hope not!

Anyway, lets bask in the glory that is Eduardo…..

Oh, and I finally cracked the 12k on my powerball, shoop da woop!


Rock on!

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