Friday, 6 February 2009

Its Friday! I need sleep and the NLD....

The end of an odd work week here, everyone's talking about snow and have been working from home lots. I've had another 4 day week, which is always a good thing and apparently Bisley is open again which means my games this weekend will be on.

For some reason I've been going to bed at about midnight all week this week, so I'm shattered and can't wait for a lie in tomorrow morning before a trip to Leanne's aunt and uncle's, which will no doubt involve some good food, good beer and copious amounts of tequila and wine. That's how you prepare the night before a match kids!

Speaking of her uncle, we're playing his lot Sunday (see, a seemless link between paragraphs!) at the shitehole. Sadly as I'll be on the rink I wont be able to watch, so will not know the score until I'm done vs Portsmouth. Its kind of a good thing really, as if we win I get to look forward to watching the game on MOTD, and if we lose (please, I know its been 10 years since they last did us in the league and they've got to win eventually, but lets keep it going for a while longer) I can just shut it out and take out my frustrations on one of the Bristol guys in my later game and avoid any forms of the media!
They're having a really crap season (and we thought we were having a bad one!) but I just fear that they'll up it for this, especially with the Pikey making his 2nd home debut for them. The wind will be in their sails and he'll have a point to prove. But then again we're 8 or 9 games unbeaten now, RVP is on his career best form so far while Adebayor, despite playing bollocks so far this season, has something like 8 goals in his last 9 games vs the Scum. I'm thinking that a draw is probably the most likely outcome.

Got to mention the Leafs at the moment, urgh! If you call up Pogge from the Marlies wouldn't it be nice to actually give the guy a bit of protection? In football it happened with Richard Wright, went from Ispwich to play for Arsenal and England and it just broke the guy. So, please, just if you're going to call him up just make sure he's not totally hung out to dry by his team mates again before it ruins him!
Not looking forward to the Habs game on Saturday, unless we just beat them up rather than beat them again, that may be enjoyable. I just can't subscribe to the Tank Nation way of thinking, just seems wrong to will my team to suck immeasurably.
Sadly being stuck the wrong side of the pond I never get to watch games live so only manage to feed on online highlight packages, but we all knew that this year would be a rebuild season, but was it meant to be this bad??

Have a good weekend, come on you Reds, Leafs and Arrows!

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