Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's on, it's off, It's on, it's off, It's on, it's off, and a shit load of snow!


Back at work today after about 8' of snow kept us indoors yesterday, apart from a swift excursion outside to get bacon and mock those trying to destroy their cars getting to work! Apologies for the formatting on this post being a bit sketchy, not sure whats going on with this.

Since my last blog I've been on a legends tour with Eddie Kelly, gotten pissed, very pissed, then got pissed again. In between all that was Arsenal vs West Ham, which I should probably mention.

Now I've mentioned that lets never speak of it again, other than to shake our heads and utter "fucking shite". I did however get to stay in my uncle's flat at Highbury, which is pretty fecking swish as you can see from the pics above (I'll have to work on the formatting of that!!)

So, Arshavin, The Owl. Well, he flew in by private jet on Sunday night and since then we've had:

8am - Deal is on
10am - Deal is off: We can't afford him
2pm - Deal is on again, we checked behind the sofa
3:30pm - We've agreed a fee and personal terms
4pm - He's passed a medical

Then silence, not a sausage, until at 5:50pm a Zenit spokesman comes out and says the deal is off again, then countered by Wenger at 6:45pm saying its all agreed in principle and we'll confirm it later tonight.

Later tonight has now passed, in fact I'm pretty certain it's mid morning, otherwise I really shouldn't be in the office, and the most potracted transfew in the history of transfers still isn't resolved. Apparently the only thing preventing it being completed is that Premier League staff who register players were snowed in and only one member of staff was available and had a few other last minute players to register. Obviously as the deal was done at the death Arshavin would have been at the bottom of the pile.
Personally I think it's a good move on our part. After previous games without Walcott, Cesc and Rosicky (although thats a years worth of games for him!) we've been seriosuly lacking in creativity, which came to a head on Saturday (fucking shite) and our inability to break down the most defensive and non-attacking side I've ever seen. Anything that will take some pressure off Nasri, who isn't consistent enough to provide that spark, and prevent us from relying on Eboue (as if Wenger would actually start Vela!) has got to be a winner in my book.

So, fingers crossed its a done deal and we'll hear at some point today some official news!

Rock on!

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