Tuesday, 5 May 2009


A quality long weekend with muchos muchos cerveza will ensure that this is a short post.

Good win at Pompey at the weekend, quite easy really and it could see them being dragged back into the relegation scuffle if they’re not careful. We put out a second string and did the job in style.

Now, important matters. Tonight. The Mancs. A place in the final up for grabs.

I still think we can do this!

RVP is in the squad, I believe Silvestre is as well, so no new injuries following Pompey, which makes a  nice change!

Going to be an awesome atmosphere tonight, the Grove will be rocking and the club has dished out 60k Arsenal flags to improve the atmosphere. Personally I think that’s tacky as hell, especially after mocking that lot from the West End for their artificial atmosphere. But sod it, its a one off and we need a kick up the arse.

Lets hope my hazy and pissed up blog tomorrow will be one of unconfined joy.



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