Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Once again Nike take a steaming dump on our tradition

This looks like it’ll be our away shirt for next season, leaked pics courtesy of Football Shirt Culture.

Sadly this seems to tie up with the current promotional material on the official site, right down to the pinstripes.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a smart shirt, but we’re Arsenal. Home shirt is red shirt with white sleeves, away is yellow with blue. Not all blue, not white, yellow with blue. At least the leaked re-hash of the green and navy 82-83 away shirt had some roots to our past. This one goes back as far as 1995 when Nike replaced Adidas as our kit manufacturer. I’ll probably still buy it as it is a nice shirt and I’m a bit of a kit junkie, but can someone at the club please sort this out when our next kits are due? Home shirt is red shirt with white sleeves, away is yellow with blue. Got that? Nice one.

In other news, the Times is reporting that Pat Rice is considering retiring. No quotes to support it but if changes are needed then certainly bringing in a new number two  to help guide Arsene’s hand wouldn’t do any harm. Many people, including myself, think that he’s got too many “yes” men around him and needs some checks and balances to point out his errors.

One final thing, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the 1979 FA Cup Final victory over United, dubbed the “Five Minute Final”, a day that seemed to have haunted Steve Coppell since and fuel his hatred of Arsenal. So nice to see this happen last night, followed by this.

Rightyo, I’m off to prey to the gods for the rain to f**k of by Friday so I can enjoy the Cricket at the Oval.

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