Thursday, 7 May 2009

Feeling Fine….

Well, I’m not actually. I’m still pissed off and the only comfort I can have that we were so far behind United in terms of quality that you can’t really complain with the result. And if that were a physical comfort, it’d be a teddy bear lined with razorblades and a mace for a head. Pretty s**t comfort!

I find Chavski’s result a bit better. Yeah, celebrating our rivals shortcomings is something that lot from the swamp would do, but f**k it, when we’re down, lets mock those that fall also!

I’ve not seen any of last night, but heard about the Chav’s behaviour at the end, surely some serious bannage will come? I doubt it, money talks.

Speaking of money talking, Adebayor has pledged his future to the club. Not just twisting the knife, but pissing on the open wound at the same time. Not sure about you but I was planning on which Defensive Centre Mid and f**koff scary Centre Back we were going to purchase with the cash we got from getting rid of Greedy. Bollocks. Lets hope its reverse logic like last summer, when he said he was off then stayed…

Another striker behaving badly is Nicklas Bendtner, who was seen being escorted out of a nightclub seeming a little worse for ware and with his trousers round his ankles. A Bendtner Bender! Anyway, he’s issued an apology. Ok, it’s not the thing you’d expect or want a professional footballer to do, but I think most of us wanted to go drink ourselves to oblivion on Tuesday night so I can kinda feel for him, he seemed to be one of the few that really cared, unlike a certain Togolese striker WHO I CAN’T BELIEVE HAS SAID HE’S STAYING. WHY??? F**KING WHY??????

Rumours are flying about at the moment that both Wenger and Theo have signed/are close to signing/will sign new contracts. Just rumours at the moment.

One massive this that was highlighted by the United defeat is that it was men against boys and Wenger needs to re-assess his methods to achieve European glory. We needed established players a few years back but the team has gotten younger. Half of this is probably down to the manager, the other half is that no-doubt his hands are tied by the board with regards to finance because of the stadium loan. While thinking of the latter one interesting point I read online that is bang on the money was with regards to his scouting network. Why look at youngsters at the moment when if we re-focused attention to areas such as eastern Europe there are probably players with the quality, age and experience that can be bought cheap (ish) i.e. Vidic when United got him. Are the scouts too obsessed with age or are we just looking for the wrong needles in the wrong haystacks? It’s a great point. Unearth developed talent rather than potential.

Anyway, that’s enough for today, Surrey are about to start their second day vs Middlesex and Ramprakash is on 126 not out, so I’m going to listen to that.


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