Thursday, 21 May 2009


God I’m tired. Just 6 of us at training last night so no matter how laid back I tried to make the session it was always going to be hard work!

Anyway, all quiet on the Arsenal front, apart from new pics of the away kit and ‘keepers kit, as modelled by the skipper, Almunia, Theo and Arshavin:

gun__1242824576_nas_gallery10   gun__1242824586_nas_gallery11gun__1242824493_nas_gallery02 gun__1242824503_nas_gallery03

Like I said before, smart kit, but not Arsenal. Apparently the design “Celebrates the sartorial excellence of the Club’s London birthplace”. After watching the promo video on .com I’m still none the wiser how the hell it does that! And what's the deal with the ‘registered’ symbol to the bottom right of the crest. Ok, do it on other products, but on our shirts? Pffft, makes it look crappy.

Eduardo had “simply ankle revision surgery” yesterday and will be back for pre-season, nothing too major by the sounds of things.

Something that totally went under my radar last week was the return of Thomas Rosicky to first team training. Will be good to have him back but I’ll believe it when I see it!

Young Gun Rui Fonte has returned to parent club Sporting Lisbon. Basically we had the lad on a three year development contract with the option to buy at the end, which we’ve decided not to take.I only saw him play a few times in online reserves highlights and he didn’t look to bad, but there you go. Probably end up scoring against us in the CL in a few years, sods law!

Adebayor’s agent has said something of insignificance I can’t be bothered to comment on.

Right, time for a hardcore caffeine injection to the face. Laters.

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