Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Uhhhh, so…..yeah!

Not a great deal going on. Why the hell would you inflict this on your child?

RVP feels sorry for the fans. Rightly so, nice to see one of our overpaid mercenaries realise that someone actually suffers for their drudgery.

Silvestre says that next season’s title tilt starts at Old Trafford this Saturday.

“All the players now have to fight for their spots and show the boss they deserve to be there and have the will to defend Arsenal's colours.”

Wow, if there’s an article to inspire you then this probably isn’t it. So, NOW they have to fight for their spots and defend Arsenal’s colours? What about the last ten months then?? Shut up and learn how to defend, puto!

As you can tell I’m getting a little pissed off with modern day footballers. Talk is cheap and they are not. All good talking about how they’re going to do this that and the other, but cross that white line and you’ll see quite a few not give a flying f**k and just happily collect their millions while the rest of us slave away for the “privilege” of doing it all again. I actually now prey for a salary cap, bring football back onto this planet and give the players a dose of reality. Speaking of doses, I hope Adebayor gets a dose of anthrax.

The Emirates Cup will see Athletico Madrid, PSG and Rangers visit the Grove on the weekend of 1st and 2nd August, with it already confirmed that Rangers will have their support segregated. All MET leave has been cancelled for that weekend as North London braces itself. Will be a great atmosphere thats for sure for the Arsenal v Rangers game on the Sunday (we play Athletico on the Saturday which should also be good) but lets hope it’s all kept in good spirit.

gun__1241779270_emirates_cup_2009  Interesting how Adebayor isn’t being used to advertise the tournament!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the “5 minute cup final”. Happier times.

Arshavin is “baffled” by Wenger playing him wide on the left.

"Sometimes I feel I can do well here but other times I don't - and that's probably because I am playing as a left midfielder.

"I still can't get used to the idea that I am capable of playing there and, frankly, having to do it keeps me baffled.

"I don't know if I can play so well as a left winger or if it is just God taking care of me."

Has Wenger gone mental, like some mad professor of football? Possibly. That would explain Adebayor, transparent bolts in the side of the neck y’see. A self conscious and fashion aware monster. Still can’t understand the offside trap though, tw*t.

Matthieu Coutadeur has said that there’s “nothing concrete” in our interest in him and that he’s eyeing up a move to PSG from Le Mans in the summer. Oddly enough I signed him by chance on PES and he turned out to be quite a good DCM. However then Diaby became world class and edged him out of the squad while we captured our 3rd consecutive Champions League title and 4th consecutive Premiership title to go with the cup and giving us a 3rd treble in as many seasons, so maybe PES isn’t the best thing to base our summer transfer activity on!

Right, I think that’s enough of a linkfest for today. Oh, and apparently Kronke has upped his stake in the club to 28.3%, just 1.7% below the limit where he’ll be forced to bid for a takeover. Got this emailed from the old man, not sure of the source:

Stan Kroenke has purchased a further small amount of Arsenal shares, with the American billionaire's total holding remaining at 28.3% of the Barclays Premier League club, it has been confirmed.

Kroenke, who last year accepted an invitation to join the club's board, acquired two more ordinary shares on April 30, at a price of £6,750 each, a statement released on Tuesday morning on the PLUS market said.

The Kroenke Enterprise Group are the largest shareholder in Arsenal, ahead of Uzbek tycoon Alisher Usmanov, after a recent £42.5million purchase of stock from director Danny Fiszman and then increasing their stake with another 4,839 shares from members of the Carr family, also at the end of April.

Under financial regulations, were any single shareholder to reach a 30% threshold, they would be obliged to make a takeover bid. However, it is understood Kroenke has no intentions of any such move....just yet!

As opposed as I was to a takeover it’s starting to look inevitable, and with the squad needing investment to push on for honours this guy looks the lesser of two evils. I’ll probably talk more about this tomorrow. Maybe.

Anyway, that's your lot. Adios.


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