Monday, 11 May 2009

Stop the season, I want to get off…..

So, another thrashing in our own back yard. I can pretend I’m bothered by this but for some reason I’m pretty chirpy this morning, so I wont really let this spineless display get me down.

I played hockey yesterday so haven’t seen anything of the game. And after speaking to the old man I decided to give Match of the Day 2 a swerve as well. But the general impression I’m getting is that we started really, really well, conceded against the run of play after the ref bought a Drogba dive, went at them again, conceded to the f**king Mercenary (well, one of them!), went into halftime two down instead of three up and promptly stopped giving a toss. Interestingly Arshavin didn’t feature against the Chavs for the second time, flu apparently the reason. I love a good conspiracy theory me, and personally I can’t look past the whole dodgy Russian owner/Russian national manger/Kittens and AK47 theory behind the situation!

We entered the game with a vague hope of finishing 3rd, but as I stated last week realistically this game was a dead rubber, with 4th assured we’re just playing out the season. Unfortunately with yesterdays game and United away next weekend it could be a painful week before our final game at home against Stoke, a side that also has nothing to play for. I’m honestly expecting United, who may only need a point to secure the title against us, to put five away.

But, one massive positive that slapped me round the face like a live Salmon yesterday was that the humbling that we’ve received in the past week, and will probably get again next weekend, is that it will hopefully, hopefully open both Wenger and the Board’s eyes as to what must be done this summer. The side is full of potential but we desperately need one, probably 2 quality, ESTABLISHED (and not Mikael f**king Silvestre, a proper player) centre backs and a decent centre mid. The trouble we had this season was the lack of the latter and so kept trying out different players (Diaby, Song, Denilson, Nasri) with little joy. Wenger has noted this and has said he will strengthen in the summer:

"We'll look to sign one or two players. We are prepared to spend the necessary money to get the players we want."

Ok, that's encouraging, but I’d say its more like three or four players rather than one or two. It’s a view echoed by Jabba Usmanov:

“At times it was a bit like men against boys (us v Man United). Does the club need to take a step up? Of course. To be first in the world, to be first in Europe, you must have a much stronger bench.”

"Look at United on Tuesday night. They had at least £100m in talent sitting on the bench."

Hate to say it, but the chubby one has it bang on the head. We’ve had a horrific time of it with injuries, and when fit our first team is pretty awesome (minus Adebayor). The trouble has been those coming in aren’t yet the required quality to maintain a bid for any silverware. Wenger has said he doesn’t want to “kill the kids” by signing big players, but we’re now at the stage where the fans do actually want to “kill the kids” literally, enough is enough.

However, is the money available? I guess we’ll find out one way or another this summer. Either the manager has the cash but wants to keep the faith with his experiment, or there actually isn’t any finance available to bring the players required in, his hands are tied and the board has lead the fans on a merry dance with empty promises that we can compete. And if the latter is true then the board could find themselves in a spot of bother.

One thing that certainly also doesn’t help is when the manager keeps f**king with the side and resorting to playing players out of position. Stop c**ting about with 4-4-1-1 or whatever the hell formation we’re trying, stop playing Nasri as a holding midfielder with Diaby of all f**king people on the left and Bendtner on the right. Nasri is a attacking winger, Diaby is a defensive midfielder who jumps up to attack occasionally (no matter how much he thinks he’s Maradonna or whoever, that’s what he is) and Bendtner is a big, f**koff centre forward. That’s what they are, PLAY THEM THERE! Yes, it worked against Boro, but they’re utter sh**e and probably going down, THAT’S WHY IT WORKED! We then used the same “masterplan” for two games against United and one against Chavski. The result: 3 defeats, 8 goals conceded, 2 scored and humiliation. GO FOUR-FOUR-F**KING-TWO!!!!!

Anyway, this is now a rant, it’s been that kind of week. I’m in two minds weather to actually watch the United game next weekend, I’ll probably decide on the morning if I want to torture myself further.

But on a happy note, my hockey season finished yesterday with a thorough dismantling of University of Portsmouth, we won 18-0 and I bagged a brace to finish the season with 10 goals, 5 assists and 4th highest points scorer on the team. Can’t actually remember the last time I scored double digits in a season, but I’ve got the feeling it may have been when I was 15, so I’m happy with that!

Anyway, I’m going to have a Pink Floyd-athon. Adios muchachos.

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