Friday, 8 May 2009

He’s an Englishman at Arsenal…..

So, Theo has signed a new, long term contract. Good times.

Ok, so he’s got a dodgy shoulder and was played out of the 2 semi finals against United, but the kid’s only 20 and is going to only get better, so to secure his services for X number of years more is a great move.

Arseblog gave the initial heads up on this article, but just in case you’ve not read today’s Arseblog (why the hell not??) here it is again. I usually hate the Mirror, but John Cross hits the Adebayor nail on the head. I wish someone would hit Adebayor on the head. With a lorry. Repeatedly.

Chavski on Sunday in a battle of two teams that are 3rd and 4th and will probably finish in those positions too. Although it’s a London Derby I can see it being a bit of a non-event which they’ll probably win. I don’t think any of our injured players are scheduled to return, Clichy is out for the remaining 3 games with the boss not wanting to rush him back. Arshavin has a bit of the flu but should feature.

It’s looking like we may have to watch United be presented with the trophy when we go up there next weekend. Could be a long week potentially.

I won’t be watching Sunday, the old man is heading to the game and I have my last hockey game of the season vs University of Portsmouth which some ignorant t**t decided to put at 16:20 on Sunday afternoon, as if my hockey fixtures weren’t bad enough to them make them clash with Arsenal is disgraceful! Skulls will be crushed, oh yes!

Finally, The Who will be playing an acoustic set at the “Legends and Youths Ball” at the end of the season in aid of the TCT. The idea of meeting Arsenal players while watching a Who live set is a pretty awesome one, but at £1,200 for a pair of tickets probably just a little out of my price range!

Have a good weekend, lets hope Arsenal can put some smiles back on our faces.

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