Thursday, 14 May 2009


Super busy here today, so I’m reduced to a linkfest:

Arsenal blow the Rice rumours out the water

Gazidis looks forward to next season, saying 4th isn’t good enough and that money is available.

Sky are reporting that we’ve got a young Argentine keeper on trial with a deal already on the table.

The purple-nosed one has said this about us re: Saturday

"We'll approach the game the way we always approach a game. We still have a job to do.

"It is against a very good Arsenal side - I don't take any notice of what is written, they are a very good side."

I don’t like it when he’s nice, it means he no longer sees us as a threat.

You might get some more later from me once I’ve escaped my meetingfest. If not then it’ll be silent running ‘till Monday as I’m at the Oval tomorrow for Surrey v Durham. Thankfully the weather has improved and we should get a game.



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