Friday, 6 March 2009

The sun is shining, but I’m not going to football

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Surrey, but it’s fecking freezing as well! Actually it’s been cold since I got my hair cut last week. Sods law eh!

News ahead of Sunday’s FA cup 4th (are we in the 4th round, or is this the 5th? I’ve lost track now) round game vs Burnley is that I wont be there as I’ve got my only hockey game for 3 months that evening, sods law again! In fact, damn you, sod, damn you!

Real news ahead of Sunday is the return of Theo and Eduardo (again!), or at least potentially. The manager said:

“I will see how they [Walcott and Eduardo] look Friday and Saturday but they will certainly be in the squad, especially Theo,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online. “We have to wait and see how Eduardo reacts and responds to his injury.”

With Roma on the horizon and Adebayor still sidelined for both games you’d expect at least one of them to play a part, even if it’s only for 20 minutes or so. Kolo is also out of Sunday but Gallas should be back, which saves us the pain of Mikael Silvestre!

The FA Cup presents an awesome opportunity for some silverware, and we already know that if we beat Burnley and Hull at home then we’ve got a semi-final at Wembley, which would be great alone just to shut those c**ts from up the road after their 2 tin-pot finals there. So here’s hoping we play more like Tuesday Arsenal than Saturday Arsenal, and not like that Sunday Arsenal that we saw earlier in the year at Cardiff.

Actually, one final thing, as I mentioned those c**ts from up the road, well done to Steve Bold and his Young Guns for beating them 3-1 in the FA Youth Cup with two goals in the 90th minute to take the tie with apparently 2,500 Gooners at the sh*tehole, well played! Next up are either City or Norwich.

Ok, I’m off to take the car through it’s first MOT. Have a top weekend and COME ON YOU REDS!

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