Friday, 27 March 2009

Kill me…….

If the International football over yet? Whaddya mean it hasn’t even started yet? Oh, for f**ks sake……

Very little news, the Sun reports that Hull are going to use the case of Doncaster midfielder Richie Wellens, who was charged for spitting at a Swansea player despite no witnesses. Not entirely sure how that works, but it’s the FA so I can believe it. They’ve also changed their story for the 1984369546th time, and apparently ALL the Hull coaching staff now saw Cesc spit on/at/near/above/inside (delete where applicable) Horton, so I’m not sure how they can cite the Wellens case when they ALL saw it!

I f**ked Lucy Pinder alone in my room, no witnesses, so it must be true!

n1213644323_67527_9692 Pinder – Her word against mine!

Saying that though the fact the FA haven’t let it drop/laughed in Hull’s faces probably means that Cesc will end up getting done regardless of any evidence/proof/logic/Pinder and we’ll probably get 80 points deducted for good measure. Not that I have no faith in our Football Association, no siree!

I really wish there was something else to write about rather than this utter farce, but there isn’t, other than Almunia maybe applying for his British passport so he can maybe play for Ingeeeerlund, and Milan maybe making a move for Adebayor in the summer, to the tune of £35mil. I’d rip their hands off if true!

Please Hull, f**k off back down the leagues.

Have a good weekend.

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