Thursday, 26 March 2009

International breaks = pain

Bored bored bored. Seriously, what’s the point of cheering players that you want to die the majority of the season?

A bit of Arsenal news today. Apparently Adebayor will play “some part” in Togo’s World Cup qualifier vs Cameroon. Suppose it helps with the fitness.

Amaury Bischoff's agent claims a couple of clubs are interested in the midfielder as his contract is up in the summer, so usual agent trying to force the club’s hand, although pretty disrespectful to the Arsenal medical team that have got him back to fitness. Like giving someone a turd as a thank you present. No really, you shouldn’t have!

And OJ Gimpson is flapping his gums again, insisting that “the truth will come out” over Gobgate. Hull missed yesterday’s FA-set deadline to provide evidence and have been given an extension until Monday to fabricate collate it. Apparently this is because Horton and the players that saw the “incident” are away on international duty (not Horton, he was last seen popping into a tanning salon to try to catch up with Gimpson). Now, not being funny, but how many of the Hull players are full internationals? Giovanni and Kilbane are the only ones I can think of, makes witnesses rather limited. And I’ve got to ask the question, why the hell didn’t they get statements from the players in the week before they went away, when the “incident” was fresh in their minds? I still think that if this comes to the conclusion we expect it to then Arsenal and Fabregas should unleash the lawyers on Son of Sam, they’ve got a stronger case against him for libel and defamation that he has over Gobgate.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. Enjoy the rain!

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