Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Got my ticket, have you?

Just looking at a picture of it gives me a semi!

Yes, we got lucky! Thanks to my uncle for putting in the work we got our semi final tickets yesterday, so it’s a big knees up on April 18th when hopefully we’ll book a return trip in May.

Arsenal news is thin on the ground, thinner than my old man’s hair. Adebayor has been selected for Togo after 6 weeks out but won’t play apparently. I suppose anything that’ll improve his fitness, like when Eduardo was called up by Croatia before playing for us again, is a good thing. 15 other Gunners have also been called up, I doubt they’ll all return in once piece (f**king international breaks).

Silvestre is now fit and raring to go. Don’t all go getting excited at once.

Villarreal are charging a whopping £72 for a ticket for the CL quarter final first leg at El Madrigal. Good thing there isn’t a credit crunch on. You what? Oh…….

Arseblog linked this too, made me chuckle.

That’s pretty much for today. Christ knows what I’m going to write about between now and next Friday. You might be getting updates on my Chilli plants at this rate. Yeah, you’ve been warned!


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