Thursday, 19 March 2009

Enough, Phil Brown!

Super short blog today as I’m snowed under.

Phil Brown has metamorphosed from a respectable up-and-coming manager into an uber-c**t with verbal diarrhea. Arseblog covers his unstoppable attempt to destroy his reputation, and I hope, his career. Like I said yesterday spitting is the lowest of the low and if Cesc is guilty then they should throw the book. Thing is the more the Son of Sam talks (and that’s a lot at the moment) the more he changes his account of proceedings, from being told by his assistant that it happened on the pitch, to seeing it with his very own eyes in the tunnel. And the more he changes his account the more it seems the story is fabricated, the fantasy of a sore loser, and isn’t helped by his other claims, such as the “Arsene never shakes my hand” (blown out of the water by Arseblog and other blogs) to the ludicrous “I had issues with Fabregas’s clothes”. If it is proved that he’s telling porkies then I hope that not only the FA take severe actions, but also Arsenal and Fabregas on grounds of libel.

It’s a big hole that OJ Gimpson has dug himself, and he keeps making it deeper.

Ok, I’m away as of tomorrow morning, long weekend away exploring the Norfolk Broads, so won’t be blogging till Tuesday, although it’s not like anyone will notice!

So for Newcastle, I haven’t seen any injury news following the Hull game, so expect a similar squad, hopefully boosted by a returning Eduardo. Fingers crossed we play more like the second half from Tuesday than the first!

Oh, one final thing, well done to Steve Bould’s Young Guns following their own come-from-behind win last night in the FA Youth Cup semi first leg. Two goals in the last 20 minutes saw them beat Manchester City 2-1. Well done lads!

Right, enjoy the sun, speak next week, Allez Arsenal!

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