Tuesday, 3 March 2009

FNM stick the knife in, and WBA away

Just when things couldn’t get shitter one of my favourite bands who recently announced they were getting back together after 11 years, Faith No More, decide to kick me while I’m down:

Faith No More have confirmed that they are re-forming, and will headline Download Festival at Donington Park this summer.

Faith No More’s appearance at Download 2009 will be their ONLY UK date this year.

So FNM's only UK date this year is at a festival that a) You can only get weekend tickets for at £160 a pop plus booking fee and P&P and b) has Limp Bizkit.

Utter pish!

In football news, we’re away to West Brom tonight, a team at the polar opposite of our current defensive record. However they’re pretty handy up front, so thankfully Jay Simpson won’t be able to face us due to the conditions of his loan to the Baggies.

I’d give my soul for a 1-0 win, I’d give my balls for anything greater*. If we can’t score against this lot tonight then we’re well and truly f**ked.

Team wise, Gallas is out and will be replaced by Djourou, but otherwise expect the same side that forced 60,000 people into a collective coma on Saturday. Looking further ahead Le Boss has hinted that there’s an outside chance that Eduardo, Theo and Ade will be fit for Burnley. I’d expect substitute appearances from at least one of them in this match with Roma away in just over a week. Cesc and Rosicknote are about 3 weeks away, although the latter was meant to only be 3 weeks away a year ago, so I’ll believe that when I see it.

Please, God, Satan, Allah, Buddha and Keith Moon, end this poor run and give us 3 points!

Tonight, Arsenal, please just f**king win.

*This doesn’t mean I will actually give up either a) my soul if we win 1-0 nil or b) my balls if the margin is greater.

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