Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ok, I jinxed it…

I knew I spoke too soon! Sky Sports have confirmed that RVP has a groin injury and is returning to Blighty, it was almost too good to be true. Fingers crossed that it’s not too serious and he’s ok for the weekend and the vital period following it.

In other news Hull have submitted their account of “Gobgate” to the FA. Woo! Apparently they “Want the truth to come out.” After hearing 6535416346846 different versions of events from their manager so would we!

Finally Stan “The Man” Kronke has increased his stake in the club, purchasing 5000 shares from Danny Fiszman, giving him a 20.5% shareholding in the club. Fiszman, who now has just over 16% after the sale, insists that he’s not selling any more shares. I suppose that given the fact that Kronke is on the board already the move doesn’t suggest radical change at Arsenal, and keeps shares out of the hands of the Uzbek and in the hands of another friendly director. But its now all eyes on Lady Nina and Jabba.

Busy day today so that's your lot. F**k you International football, f**k you!

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