Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Ok, so last night’s friendly with the Southampton Jaguars turned into 2 friendlies. One against their A squad, and one against their B. Not usually a problem.

Except we only had 7 players, whereas they seemed to be multiplying as the games went on.

Anyway, we only lost 5-2 to their premier league team, yours truly putting us one up in the opening 13 seconds, and drew with their B’s 4-4, where I notched another goal, sliding one under the keeper on the backhand.

One thing we noticed last night is that we were all playing with smiles on our faces, and a result our play benefitted. Hell, we were even able to keep a high tempo for an hours hockey with only 7 players! But we kept it simple, played well and had great fun.

Anyway, as fun as last night was, I’m seriously paying for it today!!

In Arsenal news, Kolo is in the squad for Roma tomorrow, as Totti probably will be for the Giallorossi but that’s yet to be confirmed. I’ll have a proper preview tomorrow and probably a bit on Adebayor’s latest comments, if I can be arsed. It’s like the old man says, the crapper the player the more they spout off in the media!

Oh, and I’ve activated the comments on here, so feel free to leave some, I disabled the signing in thing as I’m interested to see if anyone actually reads this.

If anyone finds me slumped across my desk, wake me before my boss comes!


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