Friday, 13 March 2009

Looking back at Roma and forward to Blackburn

Morning. I now feel that I can blog properly, mainly because I’m not still off my face from the night before. Extra time and penalties are dangerous when your half of the pub is quiet! The other half of the pub on Wednesday was like walking into Salford (although ironically I bet it would have been the other way around up there, poxy Surrey Mancs).

Anyway, woo! We’re in the hat for the quarter finals again and that was our first penalty shootout win in Europe since Sampdoria in the Cup Winners Cup semi final in 1995.

The game was piss poor and we never looked like scoring in the whole 180 minutes, RVP cut a lone figure up front, saying that I don’t remember them having too many clear cut chances either, and I personally thought Diaby and Bendtner had decent games. At the back it was schoolboy stuff for the goal. Just one of you put your f**king boot through it! Clichy had a torrid night as well, but sod it, in a cup tie only the result matters, and we got it. Ideally I’d like Villareal in the next round to give Bobby Pires a proper send-off, sods law says it’ll be United as Blatter and Platini ensure the English teams all play each other.

So, Blackburn tomorrow, team news is obviously Arshavin is back, Eduardo has a groin strain so is out. I’m starting to think he’s avoiding me every time I visit THOF. And he doesn’t ring, he doesn’t write. Why Eddie, why? Expect the side to be rotated from midweek, Theo probably starting, Vela too and probably Djourou and Song.

I said last week that this is the game that we’ll know if Arsenal are back, A bit more pace inserted into the attack in the form of the returning Walcott and getting at them from the start is the way forward, and again, we’ll know within the first ten minutes how this one will pan out. I can easily imagine Wenger using the fact we had extra time and penalties as an excuse for another sub-par performance though, lets hope we got a boost from midweek and continue with the momentum we’re generating.

I’m hoping for a 2-0 win tomorrow, one because it’ll put us fourth until at least Sunday, and secondly because Sam Allardyce is a big, fat, walrus look-a-like c**t and I loathe him with a passion. So come on Arsenal, lets turn them over!

Have a good weekend, keep an eye on my tweets in the top left of this blog as I’ll probably update it with drunken ramblings during the game.


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