Thursday, 5 March 2009

Football, you’ve gotta love it!

What do the two below have in common?

Well, they are one and the same.

At approximately 5:15pm on Saturday we were all nursing our pints and thinking of far-flung teams in Finland or the Faroe Islands that we may be visiting in next season’s EUROPA League, if we were able to hold off Everton.

Sunday afternoon saw Villa go 2-0 up against Stoke to confirm our fears on the race for 4th place, that it was over and we’d be 8 behind. What followed is what makes football great.

  • Stoke get 2 goals to draw 2-2, leaving Villa 6 points ahead.
  • We then win away to WBA to go 3 points behind Villa and level on goal difference and 5 ahead of Everton but having played a game more
  • Then last night Villa lost 2-0 away to Man City, swinging the goal difference in our favour, while Everton are held 0-0 at Blackburn.

From being 15 minutes away from being a dot on the horizon, we’re now right in Villa’s rear view mirror and with several key players about to return from injury.

How will this rollercoaster ride of a season conclude? Let’s hope there’s more ups than downs.

Rock On!

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